Worcester Citizens for Business release survey results

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

Just in time for the city council’s annual establishment of the city’s tax rate(s), Worcester Citizens for Business has released a survey of 107 local businesses in the hopes that it will help push the council to give commercial owners a break this year.

So who did they ask? 64 percent of the businesses asked employ 1-20 people, 76 percent are in service or retail and 53 percent have been in Worcester for 21 or more years. What did they find? 82 percent said Worcester’s greatest strength was its location while, surprise surprise, 82 percent also said its greatest weakness was the dual tax rate. According the survey, 39% of those businesses polled are eyeing locations outside of Worcester.

(See the Worcester Citizens for Business survey.)

This year the group has tried for more visibility leading up to the tax discussion, and one friend of the group, Tony Economou, has already announced his candidacy for next year’s city council elections. Rumors are another group member may announce later on.



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10 responses to “Worcester Citizens for Business release survey results

  1. Tony Economou eh?
    Remind me not to buy a house from that guy.
    Or vote for him.

    Someone pull a CORI on him.

  2. Wow a total of 107 businesses in the survey!
    And Wusta has like how many?
    Exactly 3,476 in 2009.

    Sure would like to see the 107’s total investment in Wusta?
    Their total revenues.
    How much do they pay in property taxes.
    Their total profits.
    How many locals do they employ.

    The critical question: How many business owners have had vacations in the last 3 years? All?
    And their employees? None?

    Raises the question too.
    How many do business with the non-profits. What 3 or 4?
    Maybe they oughta market themselves to the NP’s.
    Or the Non-profits should agree to buy from them?
    An opportunity for some enterprising person?
    Maybe ole Julie Jacobson can help out? Opps! She’s jumped ship.
    Maybe Tim McGourthy oughta step-up and earn his pay.

    68% have been in business over 10 years. 80% have been in business over 5 years.
    So what’s the issue? They’re doing pretty good if they’ve been around that long.

    24 commercial property owners took the survey.
    And according to the City Manager they’re making pretty darn good money in this economy, increasing occupancy rates year over year, 88.9% to 90.3%. Did someone say recession?

    Once I stopped laughing, I’ve concluded: they are a bunch of whiners.
    They’re so insignificant they don’t even show up on anyone’s radar screen.

    If those clowns are gonna convince the populous they’re sucking wind, they’re gonna have to do a better job of presenting their “facts”.

    Funny, the City’s annual report tells us that Worcester is weathering the storm pretty well. So what’s their problem?

    The survey is a freaking joke.

  3. zed

    Thanks for the analysis Will.
    It does appear to be a minority of crybabies.

  4. Boots

    What did the other 18% of the 107 say? Are the remaining thousands who didn’t participate satisfied ?
    And how come I couldn’t get on the link for the survey?

  5. zed

    Pie charts usually add up to 100%.
    These fools’ presentation would be laughable if it wasn’t so pitiful.

  6. Mike

    Was it a probability sample? If so, what was the standard error?

    If it was a non-probability sample (i.e. a convenience sample), you *can ‘t* generalize the findings.

    Just because it’s got numbers and was a survey doesn’t mean it tells you the truth.

  7. How much do you want to bet...

    How much do you want to bet that Tony Economu does not publicly weigh in on where he stands on any of this tax rate B.S. ?

    How much would you wager that Tony Economu says as little as possible?
    Tea Party activists have asked him to sit down and talk about his candidacy and he told them that his handlers told him that he can not talk to anyone right now. Just like all the others that have run for office before him, he will stand for nothing and do just about the same.

  8. You’re welcome Zed.
    Ya know, a good rant clears the system.
    Up for another?

    Isn’t it typical of business people to always whine about how hard they have it?
    Just like the welfare recipient, it’s easier to whine instead of working for a living.

    Here’s a thought, give the whiners what they want.
    Require that they create jobs or make long term investment in the city. If they fail to keep the deal take back the money and penalize them.

    And what do we got the Chamber of Commerce, Choose Worcester, Destination Worcester etc. for?
    To attract businesses of course and provide lip service for their whining members.

    What’s the Chamber of Commerce doing to help our whiners? Or attract new whiners?
    The CoC is pulling in $2 million a year. Where’s the money going?
    To cover the $1.1 million in salaries of course.
    What’s Richard B. Kennedy doing to earn his $150k salary?

    What about Choose Worcester?
    What about Alexander Carpp’s, of Suffield CT, $192k salary?
    What’s he done for Worcester?

    And what have the taxpayer’s $1.5 million grant to Destination Worcester got them?

    Lots of money being spent folks.
    And the results?
    Can you count to zero?

  9. zed

    A well-run city’s successes would market itself. TIF deals make it look ripe for the picking.

    By constantly drawing attention to the so-called disincentive of the business tax rate bogeyman, these idiots are shooting themselves in the foot and giving potential incoming investors a reason to look elsewhere. Do we call it self-unpromotion?

  10. How much do you want to bet...

    Joff Smith for D-1 City Council.
    Go Joff GO!

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