Father McFarland apologizes to Main South

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

Three issues ago Worcester Mag did a story on the atmosphere on College Hill. A large chunk of the story focused on what other local schools do to try and limit partying and late night disturbances.

In calling around to those other schools, responses from officials at all levels were always something to the effect of “We don’t want to pile on Holy Cross.” In other words, the school would gladly talk about their policies, but wouldn’t say anything about what Holy Cross does or does not do, or try to diagnose the issues on Mount St. James.

With that solidarity in mind, it was a little surprising to read this statement in yesterday’s T&G.

In speaking about why Holy Cross student parties get more headlines than those at other schools, (McFarland) said there’s so much other crime in Clark’s Main South neighborhood that drunken students aren’t as remarkable as they are near Holy Cross.

Sure enough, that did not go over well. Today’s headline: Holy Cross president apologizes to Main South.

The Rev. Michael C. McFarland, president of the College of the Holy Cross, apologized yesterday to District 4 City Councilor Barbara G. Haller for comments he made at a Telegram & Gazette editorial board meeting Tuesday that Clark University’s Main South neighborhood has too much other crime to worry about drunken students.



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11 responses to “Father McFarland apologizes to Main South

  1. S. Greene

    It’s gotta be said that guy lacks the requisite political skills for someone in his position. Perhaps also the reason no headway has been made on PILOT.

    Is is me or does it seem that the catholic church with its many sects are often belligerent and often unrepentant?

    High time he was sent to a monastery.

  2. -Q

    McFarland seems to be the most disengaged person we have ever had in our city.
    How appalling, in a sorry attempt to deflect the drunken debauchuary HC students inflict on our neighborhoods, McFarland chose to denigrate a fine Institution WITH POSITIVE NATIONAL EXPOSURE and slam an entire section of OUR city all in one breath………..has this man no shame?
    McFarland needs to get outside the walls of his faux pas ivory tower and get out into the real world and start accepting the responsibility of his students
    of his students anhorent behaviours.
    McFarland fits the description of one being tone deaf………..

  3. Get a life!!

    Q the Left Wing Liberal Libertarian with a Conservative Bent… LOL!

    Go away Q. You have absolutely nothing to contribute and you know nothing of why HC kids have been behaving this way for decades. Do some research into who recruits from HC and who sends their kids there. Then STFU!

  4. -Q

    With 20+ WPI students arrested for drinking/disorderly conduct occurring just very recently on Elm St., and the harsh rebuke from the Administration of WPI and the immediate consequenses these 20+ students are facing including a harsh disciplinary process because of their irresponsible actions. These students will answer to the court system and within the school itself. Maybe HC can can learn a lesson on how a real engaged community partner like WPI is by their deeds and actions and the respect they show for their neighbors and families in the area………..which is quite contrary to the HC thinking way of life. Whereby the likes of the Clark U’s. the WPI’s are just some of those that are part of a long line of exceptional nationally renowned institutes here in Worcester that have a national exposure along with our positive attributes while also acknowledging what a true working relationship means to be a part of the city fabric………some day HC may realize what a great city Worcester is but with the arrogance eminating from the white ivory tower atop Mt.St.James, I wouldn’t be holding your breath.

  5. -Q

    What is glaringly obvious to anyone following the drunken travails of the hc student popuplation atop College Hill and McFarland and his administrations ignorance to all things Worcester is the out and out double standard of enforcing laws equally – maybe hc should follow the example set by the administration from Assumption College which is an engaged community partner here in our city:
    1. take responsibility for your actions
    2. respect the neighborhood in which you reside
    3. don’t continually make excuses for your (hc) students ongoing abhorent behaviours
    4. stop insulting Worcesters neighborhoods, families and taxpayers.
    And most importantly – maybe, just maybe the city manager will now see the two-tierd justice system he has foisted on our community whereby the laws and ordinances within our community are only enforced depending on who you are, what college you attend and where that college is located.
    The compact now in place between the city and hc which was advocated for by the #1 public safety official (the city mgr.) in our city is a disgrace, unconstitutional and anti-American.
    This issue is so glaringly clear that the city manager is soley enforcing laws based on political expediency, self preservation and a who you – know where you live metallity all at the expense of Worcesters hard working families, neighborhoods and taxpayers…………..

  6. Opps Q, got your facts wrong dude. It was Assumption kids.
    So slow down there ole timer, you might hurt yourself with the keyboard.

    So folks let’s not go pissing off Holy Cross, the folks who give us commercial free Christmas music. Yes commercial free!
    Who needs PILOT when we gots commercial free Xmas music?

    Remember 88.1 FM, commercial free Xmas music into the New Year!

    Jingle bell Santa’s swell, oh what time it is to whine about taxes, PILOT, Mayor Joe etc…

  7. -Q

    “opps”????……willy take a deep breath and try again……….I know you find this very hard……………
    but hey willy try and concentrate now…..I know its difficult with your lack of attention span but try again – if you look there are 2 posts back to back that ACTUALLY acknowledges the Assumption students behaviour and what a REAL college administration does to curtail this type of disturbance……….I hope you enjoy your free christmas music……….

  8. Can I let it out now? Whew… what a rush dude. Way cool dude.

    Have ya checked out 88.1? Good stuff. Ya ain’t like holding a grudge against the Cross? Dude, don’t be a Scrooge.

    Oh, but you wrote WPI. It’s up there in black and white. Can I give ya a career tip? Give up. You suck at writing, you’re incoherent on the radio, and look and sound horrible on TV. Someone’s gotta tell ya. Ya know like bloggabuddy to bloggabuddy.

    Sorry dude but I gotta tell you, nobody reads beyond the 1st sentence of your posts. In fact as soon as one see’s Q, they skip to the next comment. I know, I do. Dude you’re a windbag, a broken record, and you can’t write. Hey, try NightLife, they got remedial writing courses. Did wonders for me.

    Saw ya been posting yourself all over the T&G. You sly dog you. We know its you. Come on, admit it Q-dude.

    Tuff work being a pundit huh?

  9. zed

    Will Dude, I saw that too:
    “As The Rest Of Us See It” wrote “Q, well known blogger” HA-HA-HA-HA
    So it’s 4Q = radio-Q, cable-Q, newspaper-Q and blogger-Q.
    Or are you a twitter-Q too? Nah, it’s 4Q for you.

  10. -Q

    …”try NightLife, they got remedial writing courses. Did wonders for me”.
    sure willy sure……………..you might want to try and get your money back
    you’ve been ripped off…………you also probably sat next to zed……….which explains everything……….

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