Worcester Mag just did your Christmas shopping

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

In time for the holidays, vintage Worcester shirts. And by “vintage” I mean the icon on the shirt is vintage Worcester. The actual t-shirt is presumably new.

Someone you know wants this.



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6 responses to “Worcester Mag just did your Christmas shopping

  1. OMFG

    Would anyone like a copy of the video of (Worcester Firefighter) Frank DiLiddo’s porn debut filmed inside the Paris Cinema? That is if you haven’t seen it already. LOL!

    This was a bad choice of a sign to put on a shirt. A former porn theater? Oh well, WoMag is an alternative paper…. Maybe I am just too traditional to understand.

  2. The Paris wasn’t only a porn theater; in the late ’60s and through the early ’80s, it was a movie and performance theater that hosted The Beach Boys and used to present all night Beatles movie sessions and was the only place that showed The Blank Generation within two decades of it having been made. Perhaps you’re just too young to remember …

  3. OMFG

    No I am not too young. I just still have sticky stuff on the bottom of my sneakers from going in there once.

    The Paris does have a long history, just ask any old timer from the Worcester PD.

  4. Mike

    The Fair logo isn’t correct! It had a Mike-Douglas daisy dotting the “i”.

  5. There were a number of Fair logos over the course of the life of the store. The logo on the shirt is a recreation of the logo that appeared on the front wall of the store, you would pass it as you left the store after checking out.

  6. Mike

    Fair enough! Plus there was more than one store. I was thinking of the one in the Village from the 70s.

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