11th Anniversary of the Cold Storage fire

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

Today is the anniversary of one of the most significant dates in Worcester’s history. The Telegram has a write up of how Boston firefighters aided Worcester’s search team in looking for the bodies of those that perished.

“[W]hen a Worcester firefighter who was deceased was found, no matter who you were, you got off, you stood in the street,” he said. “Worcester firefighters were the only ones who would touch a deceased firefighter. That’s where the line was drawn, and we all understood why.”

For those of you who use Facebook as a way to memorialize, this picture has been making the rounds as a substitute for a profile picture:

[This one taken from former sheriff candidate Keith Nicholas’ page.]



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4 responses to “11th Anniversary of the Cold Storage fire

  1. jpm01609

    Remember the short story that was in Esquire on the Worcester fire? And to think they were going to make a MAJOR movie out of it! A amjor movie with serious Hollywood money, serious actors and such. Plus, the move idea was in the shadow (or pre-shadow) of 9/11 which would have shown –to the world–how the values of Worcester, MA reflected or perhaps led the country’s in appreciating the daily sacrifices our firemen.

    So here’s my gripe. Why did that movie not happen? Was it internal disagreements with the way some ppl were portrayed? [Isn’t every movie ever made a bit fictitious to dramatize an idea or some point of view? Of course!]

    The real shame that the flick got killed was that it could have shown the massive spotlight on our little burg and the values we hold dear. We could have gotten publicity and press. Oh well. That’s what happens when political leadership can’t look beyond its own backyard.

  2. zed

    The fact there was opposition shows how dopey Worcester really is.

  3. Mike

    “The fact there was opposition shows how dopey Worcester really is.”

    No, it doesn’t. Any movie like this would some degree of generate opposition.

    I’d bet that they’d make the movie, but producers would change the setting to Boston or Providence because audience’s know where those cities are. That’s the city’s curse.

  4. Chris

    Maybe certain parties were holding out for the BIG BUCKS perhaps?

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