Want to be an engaged citizen today?

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

Put down two items on your calendar today:

1) At 1:00 in Union Station CSX will hold a public meeting, followed by a bus tour of the proposed expansion site. CSX’s Environmental Notification Form is waiting for your perusal here, and your comments on it here. You have until December 13 to do so.

2) At 3:00 today in front of City Hall Moveon.org will host a speakout protesting congress’ imminent decisions regarding extending the Bush tax cuts and unemployment benefits.

Go democracy!



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10 responses to “Want to be an engaged citizen today?

  1. Chris

    If you believe that moveon.org has any thing constructive to offer, then by all means show up at city hall.


    Next this blog will claim that N2N is a legitimate community organization.

  2. Boots

    Spoken like a true T-party advocate with tunnel vision. Moveon.org is no good because you don’t like it. Listen to the Mockingbird and let the rich elitists take everything away from the working class, that’s the ticket.

  3. RWB

    Is it really democracy when an entrenched elite control the levers of political power? Boots the rich elitists that have taken everything away from the working class are on the Democrat ticket.

  4. Boots

    RWB walks down the one way street the wrong way, just like Chris. How stunningly fact ignorant you both are.

  5. RWB

    Boots thank you for sharing your opinion. I am also grateful that you would spend your time in a effort to correct me. But what facts are you basing your argument on? Is there a lack of rich people in the Democrat Party? You must remember how Sen John Kerry schemed to avoid paying taxes on his yacht?

    For every big government idea that the Democrats have enacted the litany of unintended consequences have grown. Now those chicken are coming home to roost and the bills that have been kicked down the road are now finally due. And like Humpty Dumpty Acorn, Moveon.org, and N2N can’t put him back together again.

  6. Boots

    RWB says “For every big government idea that the Democrats have enacted the litany of unintended consequences have grown.”

    Evidentially RWB must be talking about Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid, collective bargaining laws, civil rights laws, anti employee discrimination laws, minimum wage laws, and others that I can’t recall at this time. All put into place by democratic administrations while the republicans fought them tooth and nail.

    While there may be many rich people in the democratic party, they don’t mind paying higher tax rates than the majority of the less fortunate do. Unlike the republicans, who really represent the corporations instead of the “small folk” who elect them to represent their interests. Hence to big todo about the Bush tax cuts.

    What amazes me about all the anti socialism foolishness being spewed by the T-party crowd and others is that no one has ever mentioned the TVA. Especially while they were calling GM Government Motors.

    Of course your GOP wrecking crew won on the healthcare for all legislation that went KABOOM. Arizona got their “death panel” laws into effect recently while Jeb Bush was years ahead of them down in Florida with his changes.

    We know which wolf you republicans feed. Chew on that for awhile.

  7. RWB

    Boots would you call yourself a Socialist?

  8. Boots

    RWB – I call myself a humanist. Would you call yourself a fascist?

  9. RWB

    I would call my self a Patriotic Populist but that term was annexed by the elitist/statist long ago.


    As a humanist do you agree with the statement, “Humanism is a progressive philosophy of life that, without theism and other supernatural beliefs, affirms our ability and responsibility to lead ethical lives of personal fulfillment that aspire to the greater good of humanity”

  10. -Q

    Boots – facist would be quite appropriate in describing the tea-partiers
    rwb – patriotic populist?

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