Another one in for November (2011)

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

Following Konnie Lukes’ sort-of-maybe-kind-of-hint last month that she’s interested in running for mayor again, another challenger has come forward, this time aiming for Joff Smith’s district 1 council seat.

Tony Economou, a local realtor and friend of evening out the dual tax rate will have his campaign kick off party on November 30, at Coral Seafood, according to an email sent out to friends and associates by Beth Proko.

A quote about Economou from the email:

He understands how critically important it is to expand our tax base to ease the tax burden on existing residents and businesses in addition to how our schools are critically important to our city’s future.

We will never promise that Tony will always have the answer but we do promise that he will be accessible and ready to listen to your concerns. We are looking forward to working on what we hope will be a fun family campaign and we truly hope you will join us in supporting Tony as a strong voice for District 1.

We left a message for him last night for comment, and are waiting for a call back.



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4 responses to “Another one in for November (2011)

  1. -Q

    Where does Mr.Economou stand on the PILOT Program issue?

  2. Liberal

    Political suicide taking on Konnie in this negative town. Konnie has consistantly cornered the market on negativatism in Worcester and it has proven to be a brilliant strategy. Given the track record of the current council you can be assured that more than 50% of all council innitiatives passed will ultimately prove to be failed policies. By voting NO on everything every time, she assures herself of being right on the majority of the issues. Mr. Economou’s strategy will have to be, to be against everything ALL of the time and SOONER than everyone else”. He needs adopt a “No New Ideas” platform. Put out a statement that vows he’ll be against all motions, in advance of them being proposed. Only if he captures the low ground and mobilizes the naysayer vote, will he have any chance at all.

  3. Liberal — he’s taking on Joff, not Konnie.

  4. Q - LOL!

    You really are a one trick pony aren’t you Q?


    @Nicole – ‘Liberal’ appears to be totally “out of it”.

    Go Tony! You might have to BAN ARIZONA to be on par with Joffie.


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