Worcesterite leads revolt against MassGOP chair

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

Former city council candidate William McCarthy is all over Boston news today because last night he publicly called for MassGOP chairwoman Jennifer Nassour to step down.

Based on reports in the Globe and the Herald, McCarthy and other Republicans were disappointed in the party’s top-ticket losses on election day, and questioned the state party’s splurging on the gubernatorial race while limiting donations and aid for state rep, senate and congressional contests.

The Globe has this quote from McCarthy:

She had a strategy that just focused on the governor’s race and whatever that reason was behind it, it failed miserably, so we need a change especially now.

Nassour claims that the Republican party in Massachusetts had been in steady decline, but is showing signs of a turnaround with Scott Brown’s election in January and the 17 state delegation seats picked up in November.

The MassGOP seems to be going through an identity crisis right now, as many members want to see the party move more to the right, and consider those currently in charge as unwilling to do so and irrelevant to the gains made by the party over the past year.

In an email obtained by Worcester Mag many reactions to last night’s meetings reveal frustration towards the party’s leaders and their stifling of “rank and file” members.

One attendee agreed with McCarthy’s move, and blasted those who shouted him down:

Bill McCarthy was hung out to dry as was expected, from the Mighty “conservative coalition” within the MAGOP, gutless to a person.

Another blogger wrote:

The RiNOs were doing their best to ignore the Elephants in the room.

We’ve put in a call to McCarthy, and we’ll update when he gets back to us.



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3 responses to “Worcesterite leads revolt against MassGOP chair

  1. Liberal

    I hope they keep her.

  2. -Q

    “one attendee agreed with McCarthys move, and blasted those that shouted him down…..”
    Sounds like a typical tea-partiers get together – no hope of civil discourse there and definitely no hope for any sort of compromise within the ranks of the republicans…………….
    And this is the quandry for the tea-partiers/republican party going forward a complete lack of a moderate party platform
    along with flawed neo-conservative outdated views and you have a Republican party floundering continuosly trying to regain their footing……….so much work to do to become actually relevant, and yet, so little time left to achieve it………..

  3. Q – Make sure you turn out the lights when every one is gone from the state that isn’t in a union or a government hack.

    Together they can and they did ruin this state.

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