Sanford Airport to forego TSA screeners

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

Ah, the pesky TSA. First they say those full body scanners won’t actually create images that are too realistic, then it turns out it’s like Adult Friend Finder on there. Then they say those full body pictures won’t be saved, but  they’re actually saving ’em. Then they say this will only hurt a bit but then it hurts…well, nevermind.

Sick of the mind games, the Sanford Airport will do away with the TSA and hire a private firm instead, and you can fly there directly from Worcester Regional Airport. It’ll only take a year to implement, which means next Thanksgiving/Christmas you can fly down to Florida and avoid half the security hassle.

Or maybe not:

The TSA points out that even if an airport decides to use a private firm for security, the screeners still must follow TSA guidelines. That would include using enhanced pat-downs and the full-body scanners if they are installed at the airport.



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4 responses to “Sanford Airport to forego TSA screeners

  1. Tim Mac

    I’m curious if our esteemed Congress members have to go through body scanners? Or anyone in a high position in the federal government. I really doubt it.

  2. Sure would like to know what the defenders of civil rights, the ACLU is doing about the mass sexual assault problem?

    Hey WOMAG why don’t you get Ronal Madnick to say a few words?

  3. -Q

    Both Rep.John Boehner (R) (incomming House of Rep Speaker) and our very own Sen. Kerry (D) (as reported in newspapers this past wknd) both were able to board flights while completely circumventing the screeners altogether………….

  4. Tim Mac

    How many people have traveled by plane from US airports between 2002- 2010 without incident? Nearly 6.3 billion, but because of three incidents in 9 years, everyone suffers.

    How many bombing or hijacking attempts have been made on US soil in the last 9 years? 3?

    TSA claims it screened 708 million in 2006. About 1.9 million a day.

    TSA confiscated 11, 616,249 lighters in 2006. Good job.

    Where have the last two threats to US air travel originated? Not in the USA.

    Why is it that the responsible government agencies didn’t heed warnings about the last two incidents?

    How is that Israel has the most secure airports without using TSA type dehumanizing screening procedures?

    How is that the sole threat to US air travel is from always from outside the USA. So why do 2 million daily US air travelers get treated like cattle going to slaughter?


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