Bus strike called off

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

Amalgamated Transit Workers local 22 union president Christopher Bruce says the WRTA and City Manager have backed off imposing their “last and final” contract offer, and in response the union has called off its strike for 15 days, referring to it as a “cooling off” period.

When asked what changed, Bruce said pressure on the WRTA and city by “friends of labor,” as he put it, will send both sides back to the table with a federal mediator.



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6 responses to “Bus strike called off

  1. Rockin

    Please go on strike so that the WRTA fires all of you.

    I will take a drivers job, my wife will take a drivers job and I know many others that would be glad to have jobs too.

    So go on strike or STFU and be glad that you have a job.

  2. Boots

    From that little bit of intel I have to assume that the “last and final” contract offer was more of a ploy than anything else. That boarders on a failure to negotiate in good faith. I hate to assume anything, but there isn’t much transparency in these negotiations that effects the public a lot more than the normal collective bargaining agreements do.

    I believe the WRTA said they couldn’t afford the unions proposals. In which case that statement would afford the union the opportunity to examine the WRTA books. Maybe that was the reason for going back to the table?

    At any rate, no one benefits from a strike and in this case there are no other companies around to pick up the slack. The anti-union people should quit their specious comments and think about the fact that collective bargaining is a two way street. Of course I’m assuming, again, that those types can think.

  3. Liberal

    Nice to see intellectual pundit Jim Polito encouraging his listeners to drive by the picket line and make obscene gestures towards any potential strikers. What tremendous maturity. He supports the Tea Party rallies in Lincoln Square, but not peoples right to strike for a better contract. It’s guys like him and his few right wing wacko listeners that make Worcester look like a stupid hick town. Please Jim go to Schenectady or Bar Harbor or whever the hell your wanted , it’s certainly not here.

  4. -Q

    Like public safety – the WRTA should not be allowed to strike……….

  5. Macafferty

    It’s not a question if the WRTA can pay.
    It’s whether they want to pay.

    ATW22 has the highest paid bus drivers in the state.

    Let them get paid just like the majority in the state.

  6. Boots

    The WRTA in their latest Annual Report stated: Approached Union for contractual givebacks to no avail.

    There was nothing about any givebacks by nonunion workers. Isn’t there any give and take here or what? Or does everyone think only the union workers should cave in to unnecessary demands? If the Worc. local union is the highest paid then their union must be doing their job. And remember this – non union employees, especially management, benefit a great deal because of the union. Without them those people would most likely be making a great deal less and have less benefits as well. Any company can’t have their people making less than the union workers, now can they? Another thing to remember – unions are not in the business of putting employers out of business – they can’t exist doing that. Taking the right to strike vote away from a union doesn’t happen because of the whims of a few anti unionists or the failings of a small company in a relatively small city.

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