Delle to represent Higgins in suits versus Chandler

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

According to information filed with the Massachusetts Administrative Office of the Trial Court, attorney Robert Delle has signed on as William Higgins’ lawyer to represent him as he faces charges of slander and libel brought by his former opponent, state senator Harriette Chandler. Delle will also represent Higgins in his counter suit.

Delle was previously in the news for running as one of five Republicans attempting to defeat Congressman Jim McGovern, but he finished last in the primary, earning 2,864 votes.

Basically, what you have here is one of the most vocal critics of his opponent in any race this year represented by a lawyer who hasn’t been shy about voicing his own opinions, including beliefs that President Obama is both a Marxist and a Muslim. This trial should have some pretty good fireworks.

Delle can’t be reached for comment yet, but I’ll keep trying.



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8 responses to “Delle to represent Higgins in suits versus Chandler

  1. Boots

    Delle and Higgins seem like a good fit. Charter members of the new right wing extremist chock-full-o-nuts club. Obama is both a Marxist and a Muslim. Right! Kinda like the old John Birch Society saying Ike was a commie. And the Lyndon LaRouche crowd saying the queen of England is a drug dealer. All are part of a growing Idiocracy in this country.

  2. -Q

    If nothing else, this trial will clearly show how out of touch with reality both higgins and delle are.
    Both were absolutely crushed in their races and their tea-partier rage was soundly rejected by the voters………….
    Now there is a chance, that people running for office, will actually be held accountable for their false accusations and and outright lying.
    Our political process deserves honesty and truth.

  3. Will. W. W.

    Talking about out of touch with reality… chance that … will be held accountable?

    That statement alone proves Q’s out of touch with reality.

  4. Boots

    False campaign advertising is not acceptable according to British courts. Maybe it will catch on here.

  5. Let’s see, the USA has been around for 234 years. Don’t see it happening anytime soon. You?

    America to boots. Freaking duhhhhh!

    PS. How do you know Higgins claims are false?

  6. Earth to boots… earth to boots… come in boots.

    Here’s a new concept boots: innocent until proven guilty.
    Think dem Brits practice that too?

    Catch on here? Um… sorta doubt it after some 230 years.

  7. Chandler’s revenge brings to mind Ralph Waldo Emerson’s quip:

    “The louder she talked of her honor, the faster we counted our spoons.”

    Mr. Emerson will certainly excuse me for taking grammatical liberties with this quote.

  8. Boots

    That’s why she’s taking him to court Willy Will Will. Shake your head so the stupid will fall out.

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