Chandler hits Higgins with defamation suit

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

Republican candidate for state senate Bill Higgins’ campaign ads against Harriette Chandler captured a lot of attention before yesterday’s election, and they’ll continue to in the coming months.

We received a tip this morning that lawyer Burton Chandler, of Seder & Chandler, filed a defamation of character lawsuit on behalf of his wife, Sen. Harriette Chandler, against Higgins. Mr. Chandler confirmed that the suit charges Higgins with one count of libel, one count of slander and one count of breaking chapter 56 sect. 42 of the MA general laws, which states:

No person shall make or publish, or cause to be made or published, any false statement in relation to any candidate for nomination or election…

According to Mr. Chandler, Higgins should have been served this morning around 10:30.

The lawsuit is in response to the radio ads, robo calls, campaign literature and emails sent out by Higgins in the month leading up to the November election that accused Chandler of accepting bundled money and taking bribes, among other illegal or illicit activities.

Before a phone call could be made to Higgins, he sent out a release denouncing the lawsuit, calling it “frivolous and fraudulent.” He added that he will be counter suing and seeking sanctions against Mr. Chandler for “filing a knowingly false and abusive complaint.”



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17 responses to “Chandler hits Higgins with defamation suit

  1. What a sore winner.
    So this is how politics is played.

    Remember, she charged the taxpayers for her ISP expenses. Now that’s despicable.

    Go Bill go!

  2. Liberal

    So glad she’s standing up to this Tea Party nut. I heard him on Jordan Levy’s show. Talk about out of touch with reality. Nothing but a cranky old man. Thought it was someone doing a “back in my day” skit. Worse than Tony from Millbury. He would work for nothing, probably would have communicated with his constituents via carrier pidgeon.

  3. As the recipient of one of these calls (made anonymously and confirmed only by independent research), I am glad that this suit is going forward. Because the caller did not identify himself as a political candidate. I suspect that this may have also run afoul of the Do Not Call registry.

  4. He may be cranky, but he’s a vet.
    May be a nut, so blame it on PTSD.

    Did Chandler serve in the military? Of course not.

    If she wins, what does she get out of it?
    Her honor restored? Ha! What honor?
    Maybe take the old guy’s military pension away? Repossess his wheelchair. Take away his Medicare. Picking on a veteran.

    Says a lot about her. Next Chandler will be suing all veterans who called her a name.

    Yeah, so great going Chandler! You’re a credit to your profession, the one that ranks behind used car salesmen.

  5. Liberal Too

    Chandler belongs in a nursing home.
    Why anyone would vote for her says alot about them. She’s always been out of touch with the voters.

    Good luck to Bill Higgens. Maybe the lawsuit will reveal some juicy facts about Chandler.

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  7. -Q

    Bill Higgins needs to be held accountable for his slanderous and false attack ads.
    Higgins campaign of personally attacking his opponent with innuendo, out right lies, and rumor was an absolute stain on the electoral process and an insult to all of the voters in the 13th Worcester Senate seat.
    Instead of a campaign based on ideas, beliefs and how one would govern if elected, Higgin’s only attempt in getting elected was to spread, by paid advertisement, his perceived “corruption” that was
    all around him when in actuallity, it was the campaign strategy he ran on that was corrupt in morals and fair play.

  8. Higgens may be symptomatic of what’s wrong, but Chandler is the disease.

    So what’s Chandler’s issue then? Her sullied honor? What honor?
    She’s as sleazy as any politician gets – just another crotchety old bag is hell bent on retribution.
    What for? She’s a politician. Since when are politicians honorable? She deserves to be derided. They all do. Case in point: Joe O’Brien’s post election aboutface on taxes. That’s criminal.

    Instead of suing Higgins, maybe it’s about time the messenger was shot.
    Think! How did those ads get on the air?
    WTAG/Clearchannel lawyers approved them for broadcast in exchange for M O N E Y.
    Pretty sure they did their homework before taking the cash.
    So Chandler should be suing WTAG too for defamation and libel. Culpability?

    So, don’t blame Higgens, blame the WTAG greed machine. They facilitated the alleged crime.
    And blame Jordan Levy too for allowing the ads to be broadcasted during his shows.
    He’s one of the old schoolers right? Honor, tradition… apple pie.
    Apparently not. Alas greed transcends honor eh?

    Q, you talk about honor, but what do you really know about it?
    You sit on a barstool ranting like all old men about how “our values” are being vilified.
    Then do something about.

    Here’s a suggestion. Get Chandler to sponsor a bill curbing free speech.

  9. -Q

    in some critics case – ignorance is bliss……
    those that ignore higgins gutter level campaign that sunk to new depths of depravity is the example going forward of “how not to run a campaign”
    In the end higgins will be held accountable for his outright lying, obfuscation of facts, bizzare combination of bits and pieces of innuendo to make a false charges, libel, slander, etc…..
    has this guy higgins no shame?
    apparently not!

  10. Boots

    Good for Harriette. It’s about time some politician took the bull by the horns and made an issue out of outright lies spewed as fact by the politicians without honor. The people have enough problems trying to figure out who the best candidate is without having to put up with such ignorance.

    Do we have to have a fact checking organization decoding all the specious political ads flooding the airwaves? All is not fair game in love, war and politics. Freedom of speech should not mean we can lie about people with impunity.

    Atty. John Dean (he ratted out Nixon on Watergate) in a recent article stated he thought 25% of the voting public was insane. Personally I think there is a much larger percentage, not all insane, but with some kind of mental defect.

    I don’t know why this is not a national issue? The MSM tell us only what they want to tell us, which is half the facts. Do unto others what you would have others do unto you isn’t part of the republican lexicon, nor is it for some democrats. All that garbage in garbage out stuff has got to stop before we’re a third world nation at best or an Idiocracy at worse.

  11. How does anyone know Higgins lied? Chandler never came out and proved him wrong. Why not?

    Let it go to court. Any lawyer can prove it’s a misinterpretation of facts – a simple misunderstanding. Apparently WTAG’s lawyers thought it was acceptable. And I’m pretty sure they’re a whole lot smarter than you guys. And me too. Wanna bet nothing comes out of this?

    Since you geriatrics have a lot of time on your hands, why not put it to use by checking case law precedent. Can ya handle that? Get back to us when ya find sumptin. If ya need a tip or two, let me know.

    Funny neither of you think that WTAG shares some blame. Wonder why?

    I’m Will W. W. and I endorse this post!

  12. Boots

    Who used Q is a loser as a user name? And how does that person know what most of the T&G reporters think? And why does it bother that person so much what Q thinks? And why didn’t that person just use “staunch inane republican” as a user name?

    If will.w.w. knows so much about case law, why didn’t he leave a link to make his case? How inconsiderate. We geriatrics don’t know how to do that. And how come will.w.w. has so much time on HIS hands to make specious comments? That’s a tip you should know about, will.w.w. the WTAG appeaser.

  13. TruthBeTold

    What did Higgins say that was not true?
    I am going to guess that very little of what Bill Higgins has claimed is not true. If it was all lies, why would it upset her. The truth always hurts more than lies. Doesn’t it Harriett?

  14. -Q

    Boots – apparently there are those that believe that “free speech” only applies to their warped worldview thinking but not to anyone else.
    When all is said and done, it is better to just ignore such moronic posts rather than engage – because when you do engage, the intelligence quotient is a one way street and the likes of the “ww.w’s” are then relegated to speaking amongst themselves in their lowest common denominator factors………..nothing of substance to offer but criticism of others………because thats all they understand

  15. Q dude, you crack me up every time. You are like the Qraziest clown in this here town. Bar none!
    Your blogging buddy Jordan ain’t far behind.

    Listen my kid is having a birthday party next week and I was wondering if you’re available. We need a clown act? It pays good – a six and all you can eat. Deal?

    Hey you gotta Sponge Bob buddy you could drag along? I’ll pay double!

  16. Boots

    My, oh my, Will.W.W. spewing his hatred for Q again. Don’t you just love the smell of hate in the morning? It smells like one of those God fearin’ man of faith republicans with brain disease.

    I think the devil made him do it. We shall all pray for him, shan’t we?

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