Zion Lutheran Hall reports good turnout

Reporting and video by Kevin Koczwara

Charles Alafberg stood on across the street from Zion Lutheran Hall on Whitmarsh St. Worcester holding his candidates signs proudly. The retired steelworker  wasn’t alone as four others joined him on the corner in the cold. He was out to support his candidates in the hotly contested mid-term elections and maybe sway a voter one last time.

Inside Zion Lutheran Hall Florence Dionne manned Ward 2 Precinct 3’s ballot box.

“It’s good to see everyone out voting,” said Dionne, Precinct 3’s warden, at 10:30 a.m. this morning. “It’s our privilege to vote.”

Many voters were using their privilege and getting out to vote on the key issues and for the candidates they wanted. Janet Rosetti, Ward 2, Precinct 2’s Warden, was “very happy” with the early turnout at Zion Lutheran Hall and looking forward to a busy day at the polls with 293 of the registered 2,137 voters making it out before noon.


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  1. Hear the joke about the Lutheran, Methodist and the Baptist as they bump into each other at the polling station?

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