Election day blogging

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

A couple handy websites for those of you who still don’t know where to vote today (chances are you didn’t vote in the primary, what with its 18% turnout).

Check out the state-sponsored website to find your polling place, or if you prefer a little more profanity and consternation along with your voting information, try this one.

We’ll be updating Daily Worcesteria all day with dispatches from the polls, pols and voters, so check back here like you vote: early and often.



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3 responses to “Election day blogging

  1. Let it rip Jer-dude.
    We’re locked and loaded.

    And spice it up will ya.
    This town is in serious need of entertainment.

  2. And check the blog’s time stamp. You’re off an hour.

  3. Tina Zlody

    Dist.1 Precinct 1 8:30am 198 votes cast. I had to wait a minute to get to a booth.


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