Need a free ride to the polls?

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

Word yesterday from Secretary of the Commonwealth Galvin’s office (and anecdotal reports from this morning) say that turnout will be pretty high today. So be a follower and get yourself to your polling location. (If you need help finding yours check the post below.) If you’re not able to get there yourself and are ready to give up your civic duty, well buck up — Worcester Airport Limo has announced they’re giving free rides to the polls all day.

Via a press release from Worcester Local First:

Just call Worcester Airport Limousine at 508-835-6436 and they will arrange to get you to the polls. The sooner you schedule your ride, the better, so that Worcester Airport Limousine can plan the day and help as many Worcester voters as possible.

No excuses.


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One response to “Need a free ride to the polls?

  1. Free ride eh?
    Ain’t that what the councilors have been getting?

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