Murray’s election day tradition

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

In 1997, when Tim Murray first ran for city council, he and some campaign aides took a mid-day break and walked down to Dell’ovo’s Kitchen for lunch. It’s now turned into something of an election day ritual for the Lt. Governor. According to him, he’s made it there every time he’s been on the ballot.

There has been one exception. He had to spend the 2006 primary stumping in Boston but he went prepared, bringing a takeout container of soup from Dell’ovo’s that he bought the day before.

In the restaurant it was clear that he was expected, or at least known. State Rep. Vincent Pedone had a seat saved for him, and City Councilor Phil Palmieri was there too. At one table, an elderly woman said hello to Murray, gave him her “best wishes” and then made it obvious she didn’t appreciate that three members of the media followed him in.

“Let the poor guy eat,” she said as she returned to her meal.


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One response to “Murray’s election day tradition

  1. Hey Jer what did Tim eat?
    Give us the lowdown will ya.

    Think Tim picked up the tab? Doubt it.
    He’s got a pair off flunkies for that.

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