Low turnout in Worcester so far?

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

Secretary of State William Galvin is expecting record numbers of voter turnout today, but after speaking to Lt. Governor Murray (see post below), Worcester may not be swept up in election fever.

After hearing on the radio this morning that turnout in Boston has been unusually low so far, I asked Murray if his campaign was relying on strong support in the Boston area or if they saw carrying Central and Western Massachusetts as more important.

It sounded like they were more concerned about out here, as Murray cited high numbers out west — Springfield specifically — but said “Worcester’s not where we want it.”

When it was pointed out that this year record numbers are expected, he added “since 1990,” pointing out that was the year Republican William Weld was elected, along with two Republican state senators from Worcester.

Update: Tracy’s comment brought me back to this post. After speaking with Murray around 1:30, reports are that turnout has picked up in Worcester. More turnout information to come later.



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2 responses to “Low turnout in Worcester so far?

  1. Not sure Tim is cognizant of the fact that voters have jobs, at least some of us still, and don’t get to vote until later in the day.

    Pass that on to him will ya.

    I’ll be voting again later today. Wanna make the most of this event.

    PS. Jer where are all the bloggers?

  2. You might want to update that. Numbers are pretty high, even early in some spots.

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