3rd party candidates, take note

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

It’s fair to say that Massachusetts has had some credible third party candidates this year. In the governor’s race, Tim Cahill at one point had a chance to pick up a significant share of the vote percentage, and I wouldn’t have been surprised to see Jill Stein pull in around 5 percent if Baker and Patrick hadn’t been neck and neck all season long. Locally, district 13 state rep. candidate Ron Madnick has views that represent his district well while Keith Nicholas has run a solid bid for sheriff.

But Jimmy McMillan, New York’s gubernatorial candidate from the Rent is Too Damn High party, has the best last minute campaign push of any third party in the country: he’s dropping an album on election day. (Available on iTunes!) And judging by its title, there’s more coming.

The video for his song “Ain’t Nothing to Talk About,” from the album The Rent is Too Damn High (Volume 1):

If Jill Stein was really serious about this race, she would’ve re-released her 1998 album “Like Dreams: A Song Collection for My Dad” a month ago.

(h/t Boston Phoenix)


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