If Lincoln Square is a rockin’ don’t bother knockin’.

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

Update: See photos from the event at www.worcestermag.com.

Baby, just come on in.

For those of you who have the time/interest/ability to take off work, Lincoln Square is going to be the central location for all your day before election political needs.

The Tea Party Express (the one with the bus) will host a rally in Lincoln Square at 2:30, featuring a “special guest.” They’ve been traveling across the country since October 18.

Not to be out-signed, two local groups will make their way down there to counter protest: Stand up to Stupid, a group led by frequent Telegram commenter and quotee Joe Scully, and a traveling dance party called “Party Harder than the Tea Party.”

That group will meet up in Institute Park at 2:00. Attendees who want to out-party the Tea Party have been instructed to bring signs, vuvuzelas and “crazy dance moves.” Here’s their flyer:



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6 responses to “If Lincoln Square is a rockin’ don’t bother knockin’.

  1. -Q

    a complete waste of time

  2. Liberal

    I’d watch Sarah Palin pole dance but I’d like it more if she wore a muzzel.

  3. I must disagree with the comment above–a good party is one of the *best* uses of time.

    Pix and a little video:

  4. Palin huh?
    Better would be Chandler doing the pole for ole Q.

  5. Boots

    Those who don’t pay attention to history are doomed to repeat it’s mistakes.

    In case no one has noticed – just going back to the FDR administration – every time a democrat gets elected to POTUS – the right wing extremists come out of the woodwork and try to destroy what they are trying to do for the people – which is to improve their working and living conditions.

    FDR vs. the American Liberty League and the Supreme Court. Truman couldn’t advance the plans FDR left for more improvements. Even Ike had his problems with Joe McCarthy the John Birch Society and others. Jimmy Carter gave in to the right wingers and they still crapped on him. The Carter administration clearly was trying to end the disillusionment of the American people after the Vietnam war by following foreign policies more palatable, less obviously aggressive. Hence, the emphasis on “human rights,” the pressure on South Africa and Chile to liberalize their policies. But on close examination, these more liberal policies were designed to leave intact the power and influence of the American military and American business in the world.

    “Vast right-wing conspiracy” was a phrase used by then First Lady Hillary Clinton in 1998 in defense of her husband. Rush Limbaugh had just started his hate speech for all democrats especially Bill Clinton. Richard Mellon Scaife, James Carville, Clinton’s former campaign aide and rabid defender, called Scaife “the archconservative godfather in a heavily funded war against the president.”

    Then there is a multitude of right wing “Think Tanks” and lobbyists like the US Chamber of Commerce that catapult the propaganda of lies and misinformation in order to bamboozle an ignorant public.

    Now the right wing has capitalized of the Tea Party movement and split it into their own little groups, each funded my multi millionaires and billionaires such as the Koch brothers and Rupert Murdoch. All spewing lies, hate and discontent to the new democratic administration of Barack Obama.

    It seems that when the going gets tough the tough become very stupid.

  6. Hey Boots you lost em after the 2nd paragraph.

    BTW, its obvious you’re just rehashing the nonsense you posted on the T&G over the past decade.

    Lastly, what does your rant have to do with today’s local elections? Think ya can do a write-up in 50 words or less?

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