As promised, a write up of last night’s debate

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

Here’s a quick write up of something that happened almost 24 hours ago.

Priyanka Dayal, over at the Telegram, continues her solid coverage of the 3rd district race with her recap of last night. I suggest you read that.

But, here are a few gut reactions to last night’s Northborough Tea Party sponsored debate:

1) It was the best debate yet in this race, all the way around

The Northborough Tea Party put together a well-organized event. Hank Stolz, as moderator, kept everyone on track to answer the prepared questions as asked, cut off the candidates when time ran out and added some light-heartedness to the mix. Each one of the candidates presented themselves better than they had in their previous debates, too.

2) McGovern finally had to answer the question that’s been on everyone’s mind: would he support a one-world government?

The answer is no, but while his opponents said the UN was corrupt and had lost its value, McGovern defended the US’ presence and the UN’s purpose, saying it helps build relationships, and has led to the eradication of disease in a number of countries. “It’s important to talk to people, even people you don’t like,” he added.

3) Patrick Barron went after Marty Lamb just as much as he went after McGovern

It was a savvy strategy by Barron. He showed poise, a sense of humor and stayed consistent in his message the whole night through. While he’s much more libertarian than either Lamb or McGovern, he certainly backed up his arguments well. His point that candidates/incumbents don’t need legislation to put an end to campaign finance issues certainly resonated with many in the crowd.

4) Lamb asked questions that McGovern didn’t want to answer

The problem was, though, they were often rolled into one much larger question, which allowed the incumbent room to manuever around what he didn’t want to talk about. An example of this is when Lamb cornered him regarding a letter he sent to a judge, asking for leniency for a twice-convicted drug dealer, but he lumped it into his frequent attack that in order for a business to get McGovern’s attention, they have to donate to his campaign. The audience wanted to hear McGovern explain his letter to the judge, but because the pay-to-play accusation has been a constant attack of Lamb’s recently, McGovern focused on defending it, and spent his allotted time doing that instead of touching the drug dealer issue.

5) The political ghost of Brian Herr lingers

Both Barron and McGovern cited Lamb’s primary challenger, Brian Herr, to attack Lamb, or parry a Lamb attack. Herr was in the audience just as tie-less as he was when he was in full campaign mode. Expect to see his name again on a future ballot. Remember, he wanted to run for treasurer, but then he would’ve had to face Karyn Polito.

6) All three candidates had reasons to walk out feeling good

McGovern supporters swarmed the entrance to the debate as he arrived, proving that he’s still got a large amount of support in the “woodwork” ready to come out for him. Lamb made maybe as convincing a case as he ever has that he’d be a viable “citizen-politician” to send to DC. As for Barron, he walked out with more votes than he had when he walked in. If this debate had happened earlier in the election season, he could’ve really turned this into a momentum generator.



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4 responses to “As promised, a write up of last night’s debate

  1. Common Sense

    Comrade McGovern looked like the socialist he is. He is pretending to be a tax cutting small business helping conservative though. I expect to see him at the tea party rally Monday telling us how he is for what we are.

    Get rid of him. He’s had too much time to embarrass us already.

  2. -Q

    a very precise account of the debate happenings
    well done!
    McGovern deserves credit wanting to debate marty anywhere and he certainly honored that committment by going into the “belly of the beast”
    at the NTP debate to face his opponents while marty ran away from the senior citizens at a WHA sponsored event run by the seniors. The format was prepared by the seniors, questions culled from the seniors and attendees were mostly seniors. Martys first excuse was from his camp.mgr and she stated marty would not get a fair shake because of former Mayor Mariano running WHA (great job by the way!) and then the excuse evolved into marty having to do some private business – well take that senior citizen! marty will shove you aside and not answer your questions! apparently marty does not care about the most vulnerable amongst us!
    While McGovern answers to ALL of his constituents…….marty will only answer to
    “likeminded ” constituents and the senior citizens in Worcester do not appear to be a part of that equation……..I wonder who else is not a part of “martys equation”?

  3. Bob K.

    Q – you are obviously a McGovern hack – maybe you were one of the paid who was exercising their first amendment right by using fowl language in front of women and children …. perhaps you need a lesson in representative democracy … we the people send elected officials to represent our interests in Washington — Comrade McGovern does what he thinks is best, not the people he represents …. As far as your absurd remark about Lamb running away from seniors is just that …. he attended a senior candidate forum at the Worcester senior center — which McGovern dodged …. He (McGovern) also backed out of a forum with small businesses in Medway — I guest by your logic he doesn’t care about small businesses — but wait, he does — but only if they contribute to his campaign…..

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