Hear them, see them, decide

Posted by Brittany Durgin

Worcester Mag’s editorial board sat down with each candidate from both the District 13 and the sheriff race to find out more about them and to make a decision on an endorsement. Before reading our decision this Thursday, October 28 in print, we encourage you to hear audio clips and see photos from every interview on worcestermag.com and make your own choice.

District 13 get the inside scoop on:

John Mahoney




Paul Franco




Ron Madnick





Sheriff race find out more about:

Lew Evangelidis




Tom Foley




Keith Nicholas



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2 responses to “Hear them, see them, decide

  1. This is all so freaking boring.

    Does anyone truly expect change after this election?

    Saw InCity Times, at least Rosie’s version of it. Then last week the T&G endorsed – out with the old, in with the old. And now WOMAG wants to endorse? WTF are you guys smoking?

    A WOMAG endorsement? Now that’s a joke if there ever was one.

    You guys can’t write and crew gum at the same time, let alone research a story without GPS.

    That’s why I love this town!

    PS. Whatever you’re smoking, can I have some? At least tell me where I can score.

  2. TruthBeTold

    Mahoney and Madnick have not signed a NO NEW TAXES pledge. That means that they will go to Beacon Hill and raise our taxes. NO THANKS!

    I am voting for Lieutenant Colonel Paul Franco.

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