Casting Tom Foley

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

It was recently announced that author Chuck Hogan (writer of “Prince of Thieves,” which turned into the movie “The Town”) will help write a new movie about the investigation of Whitey Bulger and crooked FBI agent John Connolly, Jr, to focus largely on Connolly’s trial.

Sheriff candidate Tom Foley played a large part in the investigation and he’ll most likely end up as a character in the movie. This brings us to what is now the biggest question this election season: who should play the part of Tom Foley?

The film’s setting will be Boston, probably about 10 years ago (Connolly was indicted for tipping off Bulger in 1999).

So, who’s the best actor to play the head of a state police organized crime investigative unit? A couple suggestions (and Foley’s own pick, revealed later).

Alec Baldwin:
Baldwin has already played an organized crime investigator, as Capt. Ellerby in 2006’s “The Departed,” and based on his work as Jack Donaghy on “30 Rock” he could nail Foley’s gruff voice.

Harrison Ford:
Another actor who’s played plenty of cops over his career and could get the voice right. He might be a little old for the part now, but some quick CGI work could freshen him right up.

Jerry Orbach (RIP):
Wishful thinking.

Gabriel Byrne:
He’s played a mobster (“Miller’s Crossing”) and a criminal (“The Usual Suspects”) so he would know how to act on the other side of this case, but even his less-than-clean characters always have some morality to them (except for that movie where he played Satan), which is  a quality people want to see in their law enforcement agents.

Who would Foley pick? He was in Worcester Mag‘s office yesterday, and I got to ask him. His response: Leslie Nielson — the man best known for parodying law enforcement in the “Naked Gun” movies.

Um, any other suggestions? Fill up the comments.



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4 responses to “Casting Tom Foley

  1. t-traveler

    Liam Neeson?

  2. Tom

    Red from Sanford and Son’s

  3. Harold Hawkins

    How about Abe Vigoda? He played a famous turncoat in the “Godfather”, not unlike how Tom Foley has turned his back on the honest folks and taxpayers of this beautiful Commonwealth.

    How about Richard Pasco? he played Brutus in a recent production of “Julius Caesar?

    Those two actors reflect the personality of the man well.

    If Foley gets elected, he will then become the POSTER BOY for every state employee who uses disability pensions laws to send this Commonwealth to Palookaville.

    If Tom Foley had any concern or integrity about “correcting” the faults of the existing disability laws, he should have made that his supreme efforts these last few years. Where’s the integrity, Tom?

    If Tom Foley gets elected, the massive turnouts of jail guards as signholders for the Political Machine that is the current state of MA politics will reign once again. Foley/Flynn–what’s the difference?

    “Flim Flam Foley” would dishonor the voters and the Commonwealth. Maybe to the prisoners, though, he’d be some kind of hero. “he’s one of us” they would say.

  4. -Q

    Colonel Tom Foely IS the most qualified candidate to be our next sheriff of worcester county.
    He has taken on the mob, mafia, winter hill gang and the fbi – all the while his republican challenger has made a career of trolling the public dole and is only looking forward to the next office he will run for……….
    On 11/2 vote for integrity and honor when you cast your ballot for the only expirenced candidate in the race COLONEL TOM FOLEY!

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