Potential slugfest canceled

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

Anyone who listens to talk radio around here has heard Bill Higgins wage war on 10 year incumbent state senator Harriette Chandler via radio ads that accuse her of taking bribes, voting to raise taxes and other activities that straddle the line between immoral/illegal.

Higgins’ commercials and multiple-times daily emails to every media outlet between here and Boston sparked enough interest for us to write about it this week, and Chandler has answered his implications through her own statements, interviews and radio ads.

Which is why we were excited about their debate tonight at Quinsigamond Community College — the first public meeting between two candidates who aren’t shy about accusing the other of using distortions and untruths. (Higgins says “lies,” Chandler avoids the word.) But unfortunately, the debate was canceled yesterday evening.

No details yet on the reason, but early this morning Higgins sent out another email listing QCC president Gail Carberry’s $600 of donations to Chandler since 2007, and noting that those contributions came as the legislature was looking at providing housing allowances for state college presidents.

Maybe he just didn’t think he was entering neutral territory. Now we’ll have to wait until Monday, Oct. 25 at Clinton High School to see how they respond to each other.


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