Chief Academic Officer Mulqueen new contract offer (updated)

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

Terms for Worcester Public Schools’ Chief Academic Officer Jeffrey Mulqueen new contract have been offered. According to the terms, it would begin today and end June 30, 2013. His original contract wasn’t supposed to terminate until June 30, 2011, but called for discussions on a successive agreement to begin around June 30, 2010.

The new contract has a residency requirement, which says Mulqueen “shall maintain legal residence and domicile within the City of Worcester.” Mulqueen currently resides in Connecticut.

This isn’t a particularly new caveat. In the terms of his previous contract, there was foreshadowing that he’d have to move here at some point: “Any successor agreement will include a residency requirement…which will take effect July 1, 2011.”

The city will also help him move — he’ll get $2,600 for “costs associated with selling his residence in Connecticut and relocating to Worcester.”

His $139,600 salary will remain the same, but 3% of his salary will be put into a deferred compensation plan. He’ll also receive $250/month as reimbursement for using his personal car.

We’ve contacted Superintendent Melinda Boone’s office for more details, and are waiting for a call back.

Update: So the “signs” that appeared in the headline was a little quick on the draw. What we’re hearing is that these are the contract terms to be offered at tonight’s executive session with school committee. This isn’t the final contract, but rather conditions the school committee will vote on tonight.


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One response to “Chief Academic Officer Mulqueen new contract offer (updated)

  1. The Chief Academic Officer’s contract is negotiated with the School Committee.
    The School Committee hasn’t taken this up.

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