Serious inquiries only, please

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

As you may have read in the T&G, d-13 state rep. candidate John Mahoney’s pub is for sale. Here are the specs, courtesy of  “one of the oldest and most respected business brokerage and appraisal firms in New England.” (Quote from their website.)



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5 responses to “Serious inquiries only, please

  1. Shocked Voter

    Is this why he wants to be a State Rep, he can’t hack the Pub Business or is the business failing?

    But John your campaign is based on your qualification as a Small Business owner and now you are bailing. Please explain this to the voters.

    Maybe it is not a reputable business to be in. But why John Mahoney did it take you 13 years to figure that out? Timmy Cahill took 29 years to figure out that he wasn’t a Democrat, so I guess your are ahead of Tim now aren’t you.

    13 Years to figure out that you are not a small business owner and now you want to represent us.

    John has run his campaign on “I am a small business man in the city” but hardly if ever mentions that it is a PUB that he runs. If it wasn’t for the T&G, I wouldn’t even know that his business was a Bar Room.

    No less, a College Pub (see below) that caters to teen aged girls. He had his primary victory party at Boston Billiards. Why didn’t he have that party at his own business? Was he trying to distance himself from the business, or he did not want the press getting pictures of the under aged co-eds that would be there?

    Running for State Rep to clean up “Bacon” Hill YET He does not even have his own house (Pub) in order.

    I will look into Franco and Madnick and probably vote for Franco now that the truth is coming out.

    What is up with this story below? This didn’t make it into the T&G article today. I will bet that there is more…. Usually where there is smoke, there is fire.


    Wednesday,November 28, 2007
    Edition: FINAL, Section: LOCAL NEWS, Page B2
    Dateline: WORCESTER

    WORCESTER – A teenager from the College of the Holy Cross was injured early yesterday morning when she left a Park Avenue bar and ran into a car driving southbound on Park Avenue.

    The 19-year-old female Indiana native was released from a city hospital yesterday, according to police.

    The Traffic Division was called to Park Avenue near May Street around 1:20 a.m. for a report of a pedestrian accident, police spokesman Sgt. Kerry F. Hazelhurst said.

    The teenager apparently left Mahoney’s Pub and ran into the street and into the car, the sergeant said. The car, a 1995 Nissan Maxima driven by a city woman, had damage to the driver’s side rear view mirror. The accident is under investigation by police.

  2. I think Q oughta buy it.

    It would be an appropriate stage for him from where he could sermonize to the masses about politics, morals, honor, and duty.

    Wanna bet the place would empty out in a matter of minutes?

    And bankruptcy in a couple weeks.

  3. Shocked Voter

    Will. w. w.


    Weeks? More like days.

  4. Erin Turini

    Once again, vile Republican hypocrisy is on full display. While these guys are stomping on gay rights, or women’s rights, or your rights, they love to tout the value of “personal responsibility.”

    We hear it from the Repubs all the time. Personal responsibility is one of their favorite buzzwords, yet here they attack Mahoney for the fraudulent and disingenuous behavior of others. It sickens me. I’m feeling nauseous. Vom.

    John Mahoney is a good man. He runs a nice, safe, friendly pub. It’s a place where you can actually talk to the people you’re with. These Repubs are trying to make it sound like some dive bar out of a Scorsese film. It’s not. People meet up with friends there. People fall in love there. People have been introduced to their future husbands and wives there. It’s part of the community.

    Mr. Mahoney had his primary victory party at Boston Billiards because his pub is far too small to accommodate all his supporters. Franco could probably fit his supporters in the pub and still have room for Sarah Palin and her Tea Party entourage, but John has a lot of people behind him.

    Speaking of which, Franco should probably book a funeral home for election night because his campaign is going to need a solemn send off. It would also save him money, something Franco has vowed to destroy the state budget in order to do.

  5. Fall in love there… introduced to… future husbands and wives… sounds like the place to be if you’re a Democratic barfly on the prowl.

    And then ole Mahoney had his party at Boston Billiards… bigger place to meet other Democratic barflies.

    Geez, the stuff voters think are relevant.
    Simply amazing.

    Ever wonder why Worcester County is so fucked up?

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