Poll results

Posted by Brittany Durgin

With over 100 votes, Worcester Mag voters said…

School bullying is…

the first thing schools should be focusing on 13%
worse than ever these days 27%
the same as it’s always been, just in different forms 39%
not as bad as it use to be 3%
overrated, people are too sensitive 17%

We’re now asking you the timely question: should we, residents of Massachusetts, be able to grow, buy, and use marijuana for medicinal purposes? Read the Drug Debate here and vote near the bottom of our homepage now and see what others have said.



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2 responses to “Poll results

  1. Over 100 huh?

    Bullying must be a really serious issue in Wusta.

    Said it once, I’ll say it again, the only thing that’s gonna boost Clown Town into a viable economic entity is making the city a pot users paradise.

    Regulate it and you’ll have jobs and tax revenues galore. Wusta’s got the infrastructure and lots of college kids. Oh, and old hippies too.

    Mayor Joe you listening?
    Jobs for all your cronies!

    PS. Has anyone done drug tests on the councilors? Some of the stuff they do makes one wonder.

  2. zed

    I always thought Parkman Mike hooked the council on crack.

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