More strikes

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

Yesterday hundreds of nurses demonstrated and rallied outside UMass Memorial to protest the announcement of system-wide job cuts. Today, from 10:30 to 12:30 and again from 2-4, workers for food company Sodexo, which provides Clark’s campus meals, will also go on strike.

So much for our article today that says private sector unions have lost their clout, which in turn has hurt public sector union influence.

Update: According to the Telegram the Sodexo workers’ strike started at 6:45 am, when they refused to begin the breakfast shift.



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5 responses to “More strikes

  1. 13th Voter

    SEIU proud endorsers of John Mahoney.
    SEIU proud promoters of legalization of Marijuana in California. What do local public safety officials have to say about that. I have to guess that SEIU just wants to unionize that new California Pot Growers.

    SEIU 420 Friendly.


  2. Not only have private union sectors become less visible, which has eroded widespread public support of the critical gains of the 20th century in worker’s rights, but because so many less people in the younger working generations are in unionized sectors, the mainstream ideas of what is “normal” in workplace culture is becoming more and more dangerous to our sustainability as a society.

  3. Who’s feeding the Clark students?
    And are the nurses on strike? I thought they were demonstrating, but negotiating.

  4. another 13th voter

    John Mahoney – a man of character, integrity and a heartfelt committment to serve the entire 13th Worcester District and not the special interests groups supporting his opponents. On the far right is the republican and on the far left is the aclu’er
    Mahoney is the only voice of reason in a bellicose election season
    VOTE MAHONEY 11/2/2010!

  5. Who’s feeding them? Who cares Trace.

    Yesterday I saw a dozen lying near a dumpster. And yeah the nurses are on strike, so no one went to their aid. I called 911.

    I say, sue the dumpster owner for negligence.

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