It was only a matter of time

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

We were wondering when Karyn Polito’s campaign was going to comment on the announced closing of National Envelope, the Worcester company her opposing treasurer candidate Steve Grossman has business ties with, and a company that he has pointed out as having been successful during tough times.

She did, yesterday, carried by the Telegram.

“Steve Grossman touted his company’s partnership with National Envelope as an example of how he would create jobs for Massachusetts. Sadly, National Envelope is closing its doors and laying off workers,” Frederick Van Magness, a spokesman for Ms. Polito, said in a prepared statement. “This should serve as a reminder to Steve Grossman how difficult it is for any business to operate in the current weak economy and of the necessity of building a more favorable climate for job growth through lower taxes, less spending and more responsible borrowing.”

The next step is to see if it makes it in any of her ads.


In other Polito news, the $420 million in FMAP extensions finally passed through the senate on to Governor Patrick’s desk yesterday. Polito railed against additional state spending and used a filibuster-like move to keep the money from leaving the house, so long as it wasn’t designated for the state’s rainy day fund.

$200 million will still go into the state’s savings, but the other $240 million will be used to buoy homeless shelters, prisons, medicaid benefits and other programs.

The federal money doesn’t contain any new spending. It comes from eliminating a tax loophole that “encouraged big companies to hire overseas workers” and reducing the amount of federal dollars for food stamps.



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7 responses to “It was only a matter of time

  1. I am confused. You don’t think her campaign should have commented on this?


  2. I am disgusted that Karyn Polito would make a campaign issue of this. Steve Grossman’s company is a good customer of National Envelope. He does not control their management. The fact that Polito would somehow “rub it in” that people have gotten laid off to score political points is truly shocking and shows how much she lacks integrity.

  3. -Q

    $240 million to bouy homless shelters, prisons, medicaid benefits, etc. and another $200 million towards states saving seems the very prudent thing to do at this time with all the uncertainity facing us as a state in the next year or two

  4. -Q

    I support Karen Polito for treaurer as I feel she is the best qualified for the position. However I will call a spade a spade as i see it and Steve Grossman has been an honest businessman in the Worcester community for many, many years. With that said his committment to Worcester Envelope was to buy a pre-arranged percentage of products from National Envelopes per year – which has continued to this day – the fact of the matter is that National Envelope DECIDED to close the Worcester plant not Steve Grossman nor has his committment to National Envelope been diminished as he has honored his word……

  5. If Q(razy) supports Politio that means we all gotta vote for her then.

    Funny, he thinks he’s a political pundit. Was on the Jim Polito show!

    So Qrazy, where’d ya get your info. Did Karyn call you?

  6. Elm Park

    Hey, while the situation is extremely unfortunate for the employees, this is fair game for Polito to comment on. I re-checked the September 30th article in Worcester Magazine about Karen and Grossman specifically touted the jobs HE created at National Envelope. He owns this problem.

  7. Not So Concerned Voter

    Wow Grossman bought a couple cases of envelopes.

    What a heap of BS. And who really cares.
    Still doesn’t make him worth voting for.

    Grossman is as tainted as they get.

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