Polling pot

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

There’s a lot of talk about the three ballot questions this November, but some Worcester voters will get a fourth question which will poll their opinion on allowing people — with a doctor’s note — “to posses, grow, and purchase marijuana for medicinal use.” Its appearance in front of voters was confirmed this morning by a spokesman from Secretary of State Gavin’s office.

Voters in the 13th and 18th Worcester districts (which includes Worcester’s ward 1, precincts 1, 2, 3 and 4, ward 9, ward 10 precinct 3, as well as Paxton) will have the chance to agree or disagree. The total sample size represents about 5% of Massachusetts’ voting population, according to the organizers.

The question is non-binding, which means it’s not going to effect any existing laws. What we’ve been hearing about it is that its sponsors are only putting it on ballots in “conservative areas” (although 10-3 isn’t very conservative) to show that medicinal marijuana has broad support. More on this in next week’s (10/14) paper.

Last night the Worcester city council went on record opposing question 3, and has previously weighed in on the other ballot measures this year. We’d love to see them pick this one up too.



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