Coakley and McKenna to debate, Baker rolls into town

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

Over the past couple weeks Attorney General Martha Coakley has been campaigning like her job depended on it, now she’ll have to debate like it too. Write-in-turned-ballot-Republican James McKenna has announced that he and Coakley will face off on NECN this Thursday night, from 6:00 to 8:00.

Coakley has put on the ol’ campaigning shoes recently, and seems to be looking at McKenna as a viable threat to her re-election. She was  in Worcester yesterday, spending time at the East Side CDC, took a walk down Shrewsbury St. and stopped in Mac’s Diner. According to the Telegram‘s article, she inadvertently blurted out Worcester’s newest slogan:

At one point, Ms. Coakley appeared surprised that a fancy pastry café, a high-end eyewear store and trendy restaurants shared (Shrewsbury) street.

“It’s like Greenwich Village,” she exclaimed, referring to the trendy Manhattan neighborhood of New York. “Who knew?


Charlie Baker has picked up his Central Massachusetts efforts lately, making a surprise appearance at a Scott Brown/Lew Envangelidis event last week at Coral Seafood and returning to town today. He’ll be at the Boulevard Diner at 12:15.



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5 responses to “Coakley and McKenna to debate, Baker rolls into town

  1. jpm01609

    Martha was on Jordan Levy last week after spending time earlier in the day in Springfield and points west (Pittsfield? Northampton? ).

    It was clear from her nonstop dialoigue with Jordan that she is a fast talker and had a lot of points she wanted to get across.

    What is also clear is that Joe Early Jr. was at her side last week, and when she was here recently she had Mayor Joe holding her coat this time.

    Sigh, just once in my lifetime, I would like to have a real checks and balance system on Beacon Hill. Have two parties debating out issues.

    It is exciting though that so many central MA people are on the ballot this November.

  2. Hohum… isn’t anything else going on in Wusta?
    Like… umm… like… anything?

  3. -Q

    Finally coakley may be held accountable for her complete incompetence in giving the big dig contractors like bechtel/parsons/brinkerhoff a “get out jail free card” and selling the taxpayers short.
    Just maybe she can explain what she means when she says “its not illegal to be illegal here in Massachusetts”
    We need an AG that will ENFORCE all the laws not just the ones coakley picks and chooses to enforce.

  4. Dan

    It’s important here not to let party lines get in the way of electing an official who will enforce laws that are on the books. Should rapists be getting off early? Should robbers be getting by with a slap on the wrist because they’re just “underprivileged youths?” Let’s get someone in there with a spine, regardless of party.

  5. Daniel T. Rustigian

    Attorney General Coakley and/ or her office is criminally complicit in covering-up for crooked justices, clerks, a prestigious catholic school and their crooked family attorney as well as the Archdiocese of Boston. This criminal conspiracy was the bi-product of my daughter having been assualted by her science teacher ( bought and paid for bag job) and subsequently cyber-bullied and in class bullied ( AG’S office did nothing with this information) with information relating to assualt which was the early genesis for all the power players previously mentioned to retaliate against my daughter and family for having been “Whistle Blowers” and for having contacted the attorney general’s office for help more than a dozen times starting back in March of 2010 but she and her office instead ignored our pleas for help instead put a plan in place to protect the criminal players involved and to discredit and prevent me from getting justice for my young daughter who was subsequently thrown out of school on Sept. 7, 2010 with the crooked school principal threatening to call the police on my daughter and her mother if they didn’t leave immediately like they were criminals.

    I should add that my daughter had a 2 year G.P.A. of 3.54 even after they had conspired previously to permantly harm her grades with her geometry teacher contacting us via email on Nov. 3, 2009 that Natalie had received a 53 on her make-up test the previous day Nov. 2, 2009 that she had previously missed due to representing the school at the prestigious NYLF on National Security in Wash. D.C., only to have the substitute teacher pass out the test in question several hours later due to the geometry teacher being out sick with her actual test score having been an 82. Of course, the school president and principal as well as the Board of Directors and the Archdiocese of Boston( criminally complicit after the fact) all circled the wagons and protected this criminal who still has a job there while they toss my daughter out of school like garbage for blowing the whistle on their actions and the criminal actions of the previous mentioned parties who criminally colluded to shut us down and prevent the truth from getting to the public.

    If you send me your direct email, Ill be happy to send you all the emails and attachments as wells as all the supporting documents to substantiate these allegations ( in the mail) so that you may break this story wide open and prevent this crooked attorney general from silencing me until at least after the elections on Nov. 3, 2010 with them absolutely dealing with me then to shut me up permanently.

    As history has shown us repeatedly, instances of political corruption is almost always solved and broken to the public by investigative reporters and hardly ever by in-house investigations by our broken government agencies. I say that definitively because I have contacted the F.B.I , the O.I.G., the governor’s office repeatedly as well as the office for public integrity with no help forth coming. Very respectfully, Daniel T. Rustigian Tel: (617) 889-1582

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