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City council live blog: 9/28/10

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

What to look for tonight (kvetch/kvell about what happens here):
-Rumor has it the details of the City Manager’s contract extension will come out tonight
-Internal communication on the WRTA union shows management/union still at an impasse
-Joff Smith would still like to see a law school placed in the old courthouse

The meeting technically starts at 6:00, but they’ll be recessing into finance committee executive session right away. The regular meeting should start around 7:00. See you then.

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Coakley and McKenna to debate, Baker rolls into town

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

Over the past couple weeks Attorney General Martha Coakley has been campaigning like her job depended on it, now she’ll have to debate like it too. Write-in-turned-ballot-Republican James McKenna has announced that he and Coakley will face off on NECN this Thursday night, from 6:00 to 8:00.

Coakley has put on the ol’ campaigning shoes recently, and seems to be looking at McKenna as a viable threat to her re-election. She was  in Worcester yesterday, spending time at the East Side CDC, took a walk down Shrewsbury St. and stopped in Mac’s Diner. According to the Telegram‘s article, she inadvertently blurted out Worcester’s newest slogan:

At one point, Ms. Coakley appeared surprised that a fancy pastry café, a high-end eyewear store and trendy restaurants shared (Shrewsbury) street.

“It’s like Greenwich Village,” she exclaimed, referring to the trendy Manhattan neighborhood of New York. “Who knew?


Charlie Baker has picked up his Central Massachusetts efforts lately, making a surprise appearance at a Scott Brown/Lew Envangelidis event last week at Coral Seafood and returning to town today. He’ll be at the Boulevard Diner at 12:15.


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