Pension and disability issues continue to nag Foley

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

If anyone expected the post-primary sheriff’s race to focus on jail issues rather than Tom Foley’s pension, recent news shows that it ain’t gonna be the case. In today’s Telegram, the paper explains that emails sent out from a former Lew Evangelidis aide and current City of Worcester assistant solicitor, Andrew Abdella, showed a push for Evangelidis supports to write letters to newspapers highlighting Foley’s pension and disability money.

Evangelidis says he’s never initiated the topic with voters, but it comes up in conversation. (Bove had a similar strategy during his primary campaign against Foley.) Foley’s camp argues that both have brought it up personally.

Even independent candidate Keith Nicholas has gotten in on the action, releasing a statement on Thursday in which he insists on his ability to do physical work (although there’s none required in the sheriff’s job description).

My experiences have included situations involving weapons (guns, knives, chairs, bats, etc.) and exposure to bodily fluids. I have been involved in physical confrontations while trying to gain control of offenders in both cells and small enclosed rooms/areas. Some of these experiences have also included persons with mental illness which correctional officers also deal with…I believe in hands-on leadership and that a leader should be willing to work with you side by side and not act as a desk dictator. Unlike the other candidates, I have recent training and experience using modern defensive tactics and I am always willing to help officers in time of need.

Some pretty pointed comparisons towards Foley and Evangelidis in there, but now might be the time for all candidates to start comparing budget plans and recidivism reduction ideas.


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