Barron, Lamb, McGovern “debate” on Fox 25

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

Last night Fox 25 held a “casual, informal” discussion with district 3 congressional candidates Patrick Barron, Marty Lamb and incumbent Jim McGovern.

Even before the debate started some controversy stirred up, as Lamb’s campaign didn’t expect independent candidate Barron to be there. In an email sent before the debate from his campaign advisor Holly Robichaud,  she wrote:

At 3:30pm today, FOX25 in Boston left a message for the Lamb campaign that they have changed the agreed rules for the one-on-one debate Congressman McGovern. At the last moment, they have thrown in Patrick Barron, which was not what we agreed to.

“We are extremely disappointed that Congressman McGovern doesn’t have the guts to face us one on one. We had an agreement. I have been campaigning for 23 years, and I have never seen a news outlet change an agreement for a debate just hours before it. Clearly, someone is showing for Congressman McGovern. We want the one-on-one debate that we agreed upon and would have expected better from this news outlet.”

Call me crazy, but I’ve always thought debates (no matter how “informal”) should feature everybody who’s running. Barron’s presence really only helped Lamb’s cause anyway, adding another voice that criticized McGovern’s record. Watch the video here.



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8 responses to “Barron, Lamb, McGovern “debate” on Fox 25

  1. There was an interesting discussion of whether to include “minor” candidates (and the reasons one might NOT want them included) on WBUR recently.

  2. Joe Scully

    I just love this story. McGovern has agreed to several debates with Lamb, including one hosted by the Northborough Tea Party in October. Fox 25, for their part, said that they sent invitations to all three candidates. This was Fox’s call, not McGovern’s. And as to Lamb’s charge that Jim didn’t have the guts to face him in person, he was in DC doing the job to which we elected him.

    Holly Robichaud’s outrage cracks me up. HOW! DARE! THEY! Marty Lamb is ready to throw a temper tantrum ascribing sinister motives to simple situations at any moment over the slightest thing. Remember when he and Herr were sparring over who was worse at reporting with the FEC? Marty seemed to insinuate to the T&G that Mr. Herr timed his response for Rosh Hashanah.

    Jim McGovern has more guts than Lamb, Robichaud and their nutty teabagger supporters combined. Besides, being on the same screen/stage with Marty Lamb wins this election for McGovern. The contrast in intelligence, professionalism and decency is more stark than Lamb’s people realize.

    To charge McGovern with cowardice is amazing.

  3. Jeff C

    While it would be nice to have more one-on-one debates between McGovern and Lamb, getting bogged down in debate rules and media bias is, in my opinion, a distraction from what is really at issue here – which is the debate between competing …visions for America, and which vision leads to more prosperity.

    If you look at McGovern’s record, it is obvious that he believes that the way to more prosperity is via a larger government, and higher taxes. McGovern voted for a trillion dollar stimulus bill, which 18+ months later has not delivered as promised. He voted for the trillion dollar Obamacare bill, which will result in fewer consumer choices, and will in fact raise the cost of healthcare while also lowering its quality. He voted for a massive cap-and-trade energy bill, which would result in higher energy costs and higher costs for products across the board. All of these activities take money out of the hands of individuals and out of the hands of the private sector, and instead turn it over to a group of elites in Washington that think they can do better.

    Let us instead turn to the vision of freedom for which Marty Lamb is advocating, and unleash this economy from these massive government spending schemes that pretend to know how to make our decisions and run our lives better than we the people do, and instead only deliver higher taxes, fewer jobs, and a stagnant economy.

  4. Bob K.

    Why do liberals, you know, the so called “progressives” and
    ‘elitists” always revert to name calling instead of sticking to the issues… the use of the derogative tea —-er” is low class and shows all of us just who the “nutty one” is… classy Joe … I have spoken with Mr. McGovern and he is a very nice guy – we are just philosophically opposed 180 degrees – I’m sure he wouldn’t be classless and call someone a “tea—-er”

    As to the facts, Mr. Lamb is not afraid to debate McGovern in person or via satellite and in fact it is Mr. McGovern who is seeking to debate Marty … perhaps because Mr. McGovern is afraid to run on his record? I do agree with you that the difference between to two candidates is stark …. one wants to promote freedom, self reliance, small government, free market enterprise and individual liberty – the other wants Cuban socialism/communism, which even McGovern’s buddy Fidel admits doesn’t even work……

  5. Karen Smith

    Yes, I understand this is a three way race. However, I agree with Mr. Lamb. Fox News invited him to debate McGovern ONE on ONE. I have been on debate teams in high school. I know how much work goes into studying for these. Mr. Lamb must have devoted many hours getting ready for this ONE on ONE. However, at the very last minute, Fox News changed the ground rules and threw in Barron. Mr. Lamb didn’t have any time left to study up on Barron. This news station should have known better which leads me to believe they are in the tank for McGovern. In the end, Mr. Lamb was a gentleman. He called Fox News out on their curve ball and still went graciously on the program. Kudos to Mr. Lamb for how he handle this.

  6. -Q

    “marty lamb chops” should be more concerned about his “so called – fiscal conservative mantra”
    that he has made into the centerpiece of his campaign run which does not quite equate with his filing for bankruptcy and having $264k in bad debt dishcharged rather than who he is debating.
    If “lamb-chops” cannot get his own check book in order what makes anyone think he can do the business of the people in the 3rd congressional district?

  7. Ah, there he is again. Ole Q’s on a roll.

    Let see. “Marty lamb chops” huh? Like freaking duh dude.

    If Lamb can get outta $264 in debt, then maybe he’s our man.

    PS. Q thinks he’s a political pundit.

  8. -Q

    Karen,Bob and Jeff it was McGovern that reached out to “Lamb-Chops” and gave the congrats on his primary victory over Herr and then released a press statement indicating he wanted to debate ANY candidate for the 3rd Congressional seat
    no cowardice there and in fact displaying a willingness to have an open and frank discussion of the issues which the people of the 3rd deserve
    “Lamb-Chops” does not yet appear to be ready for prime time – maybe better luck in 2 years?

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