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Barron, Lamb, McGovern “debate” on Fox 25

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

Last night Fox 25 held a “casual, informal” discussion with district 3 congressional candidates Patrick Barron, Marty Lamb and incumbent Jim McGovern.

Even before the debate started some controversy stirred up, as Lamb’s campaign didn’t expect independent candidate Barron to be there. In an email sent before the debate from his campaign advisor Holly Robichaud,  she wrote:

At 3:30pm today, FOX25 in Boston left a message for the Lamb campaign that they have changed the agreed rules for the one-on-one debate Congressman McGovern. At the last moment, they have thrown in Patrick Barron, which was not what we agreed to.

“We are extremely disappointed that Congressman McGovern doesn’t have the guts to face us one on one. We had an agreement. I have been campaigning for 23 years, and I have never seen a news outlet change an agreement for a debate just hours before it. Clearly, someone is showing for Congressman McGovern. We want the one-on-one debate that we agreed upon and would have expected better from this news outlet.”

Call me crazy, but I’ve always thought debates (no matter how “informal”) should feature everybody who’s running. Barron’s presence really only helped Lamb’s cause anyway, adding another voice that criticized McGovern’s record. Watch the video here.



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Most anticipated: stART

Posted by Brittany Durgin

Worcester Mag online users overwhelmingly said stART on the Street was the event the most highly anticipated this month. Full results below.

See photos from stART on the Street here.

Which of the following festivals are you most looking forward to in September?

Open Road (Sep 4) 10%
Blackstone canal (Sep 11) 18%
Pet Rock (Sep 12) 13%
stART on the Street (Sep 19) 59%

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Beyond print you’ll find this

Posted by Brittany Durgin

Content you can only find online right now at www.worcestermag.com.

A preview you don’t have to read – Hear rockabilly band Koffin Kats before they play Lucky Dog Music Hall tomorrow, Friday, in our WooTown Sounds.

Photos of Voc. School announcement – The city announced Monday that one of the old Vocational School buildings will be torn down as part of a revitalization project. See photos from the event and find out more here.

Is Worcester dog friendly? – Our intern Jen Cantin reports on what it’s like to own a dog in Worcester, according to you, the general public. Find out what owners said and see photos of Worcester dogs in our Young Guns section.

stART captured – Photos from one of the biggest events of the year stART on the Street. Gallery seen here.

Wanted: Superheros – Worcester Mag and Worcester Fitness have teamed up in a search for the most qualified superheroes of Worcester. Are you fit for this position? Apply here!

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