Keeping track of the pit bull (and dangerous dog) ordinance

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

A couple weeks ago we tried to explain what happened the last time the city council voted in favor of enacting a pit bull and dangerous dog ordinance.

A tug of war developed over who would be on a committee to establish the parameters of how to define a dangerous dog (or how to keep a dog away from the “dangerous dog” moniker) ending with Councilor Paul Clancy holding the item because he didn’t want to see an ad-hoc committee be formed of outside “experts” (veterinarians, animal control officers, etc.) rather than done on a council subcommittee.

Last night, Councilor Kate Toomey, whose idea it was to form this committee and frustrated by the politics involved, sent the motion to the City Manager’s office. It’s now in the City Manager’s hands to decide whether or not it’ll go to subcommittee or if an ad-hoc group of experts will be named to bring their recommendations to the council.

So what does that mean for pit bull (and other dangerous dog) owners? You’ve still got awhile to wait.


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