Clark and City reach PILOT pact

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

The Worcester Business Journal has the breaking story, but here are a couple tidbits:

Clark will pay $262,000 this year, a number that will increase by 2.5 percent annually for the next 20 years. That money will go straight into the Worcester Public Library (as does MCPHS’ PILOT money) and improvements in Main South.

It will also serve as a down-payment for a future plan that would close Downing St. between Florence and Woodland to traffic, making it a pedestrian walkway.



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4 responses to “Clark and City reach PILOT pact

  1. Cheap Sobs!

    After milking the citizens of Wusta for 123 years this is what they come up with?

    Geez those guys got like +$200 mill in endowments and stiff us with a measly $262k jacked @2.5% pa. Their endowments shakes off more cash than the entire population of Main South.

    Maybe the citizens would be best served if the WPD started charging CU for municipal services- like regular paddywagon service between Main South and Lincoln Square.

    CU still leads the pack of “local institutions” with the highest student/police interaction rate in the county. Data source: WPD and T&G.

  2. -Q

    it appears to a good first step but the devil is in the details…….why is it (as far as one can determine) that these negotiations are happening in a vacuum?
    where is the input from our elected officals in these negotiations prior to the announced deals? who is determining that the annual increase of 2.5% for twenty years on top of the $262k yearly payment covers our tax-payer provided city services?
    I would like to see legislation that allows city/towns to tax dormitory housing provided by the colleges to their students…….
    and lets not forget the city manager was directed by the city council to approach ALL non-profits not just colleges to contribute voluntary to a PILOT Program……..btw the vote by the city council (11-0) directing such action by the city manager and to report back on a quarterly basis to the city council was close to 3 years ago – guess what? no report was ever submitted and no city councilor ever requested the reports……..wpi, mcph, clark……..thats it?

  3. If non-profit are expected to “kick in” , are going to be fair an eliminate tax write offs for charitable contributions too? A company is either non-profit or it is For profit. A non-profit’s contribution to the city is it’s mission.
    What about the individuals who are out of work and not making a profit, essentially as non-profit individuals, shouldn’t we force them to “kick in” something to? After all they too avail themselves of some city amenities.
    How can we really make this fair?

  4. I’m glad to know that Clark plans to close Downing St. between Florence and Woodland to traffic, and hope they’ll eventually take over the entire neighborhood – finally ridding the city of all the absentee slumlords who inflict their criminal tenants on the rest of us. Houses should be treated as homes, NOT zero maintenance cash cows.

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