The Sharron Angle connection

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

In today’s print Worcesteria there’s a mention of campaign match-ups for the general election, specifically how Paul Franco’s camp was hoping to face Margot Barnet in November, and that the McGovern camp had a sense of relief that they’ll go up against Marty Lamb rather than Brian Herr, who was a favorite of the state (and potentially national) GOP.

It’s come out though that Lamb has a strong backer: Western Representation PAC — the folks that brought you Nevada’s Tea Partier/GOP senate candidate Sharron Angle and Joe Miller, the Alaskan who defeated entrenched Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski.

The PAC isn’t exactly loaded as far as federal groups go, with only about $50,000 in the bank, but they’ve been successful with their media blitzes. They credit their last minute ad campaign in Alaska for pushing Miller over the top and have spent over $15,000 on pro-Angel radio spots. In the days leading up to Tuesdays primary, Western Representation spent about $1,500 for Lamb ads on WCRN, WTAG and Newton’s WXKS.

In a press release sent out yesterday, Western Representation congratulated Lamb on his victory, and said that this race was one of three they were targeting (including Angle and Miller), but according to their website, it looks like they’ll soon be going for another MA Republican hopeful, Sean Bielat, who will go up against Barney Frank in the 4th congressional district.



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18 responses to “The Sharron Angle connection

  1. -Q

    Franco is the tea partier in the 13th worcester race and that in no way reflects the values and people of the district.
    Franco has surrounded himself with neo-con tea-partiers and previous polling indicates how out of touch the Franco politics and supporters are.
    Franco is in no way shape or form another Scott Brown
    Franco is actually going to have to campaign against a legitimate candidate that actually stands for something unlikeMartha Coakley who ran the most pitiful campaign effort ever seen in this state.
    Let alone the fact that there is no way in hell (if elected) Franco could ever deliver for the district with his out of touch politics and being a very lone wolf in the city’s delegation – D13 voters know whats at stake here and quite frankly Franco will be unable to deliver anything of value.

  2. I suspect the info is in fact tangential.

  3. Liberal

    Why should the Western Representation PAC spend any $$$ at all on WTAG when they get a Tea Party infomercial for FREE every day on the Jim Polito show.

    Hey, here’s a good nickname for Marty Lamb – Sacrificial Lamb

  4. mb

    If the words “tea party” mean anything, then “neocon tea partier” is an oxymoron. The whole reason the tea party wants to consider itself separate from the Republicans as whole is to protest the sort of strong-government, big-spending Republican philosophy of the Dubya/neocon years.

    Also I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss tea partiers as entirely foreign to the district. Last time I checked, Paxton is part of this district.

    When it comes to bringing home the bacon or garnering attention to the district, I’m not sure that being the 145th Democrat (by seniority) is that much better than being the 17th Republican. And suburban Republicans tend to do a good job partnering with Worcester and suburban Democrats to accomplish Central Massachusetts objectives. Chances are that even if Franco were to win, the region would still have a Democratic state senator. She wouldn’t want to see part of her district neglected just to spite Franco.

    I do wholeheartedly agree that Mahoney is unlikely to be as phenomenally bad a campaigner as Coakley, and that he is more in touch with this district than Coakley was with the state, and Franco faces one heck of an uphill climb.

  5. 13th Voter

    Q – The voters of the 13th Worcester are tired of negative politics. It didn’t work for Marshsa and it won’t work this time either.

    Lieutenant Colonel Paul Franco has the right experience for this job. He has been a US Army Reservist for 30 years in the JAG component. Most recently he spent (Jun 09′-Jul 10′) a year on active duty representing injured soldiers from Afghanistan and Iraq at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center in D.C. At the end of his mobilization LTC Franco was given the Meritorious Service Medal for his work on behalf of our wounded warriors.

    He is a man of integrity and honor. He is the type of man that Beacon Hill needs. I know of no other candidate for State Representative who has equivalent experience that is so relevant to the job.

    LTC Franco has spent the past 30 years advocating for others. I look forward to him being the best State Rep that the 13th District ever had. He is the type of man that will work for you and not the speaker of the house like all the democrats reps do.

    I welcome you to join me in voting for Paul Franco for State Representative on Nov. 2nd.

  6. Jack

    How low will Mahoney’s people go. They are attacking a Lt. Col. Someone who has served his country.

    Has Mahoney ever sacrficied anything for his country? No

  7. Zorig

    Compare the qualifications of the candidates. Franco has served on active duty in the army as a lawyer ensuring that disabled soldiers get all the benefits they are due. He has received recognition for his diligence and efforts. Mahoney cannot match that in any way. He might have good friends in the fire department and that is fine. But he has nothing in his resume to qualify him for the job.
    I suggest the undecided voter meet both candidates and decide for himself. Forget the TEA Party, Democrat, Republican stuff. That stuff is silly.

  8. Jimi Mac

    Comments here are from those who blindly continue to support the party of total tolerance, pro-choice, inclusion, free speech, peace, love, understanding, Santa Clause, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy.
    Let’s face it hypocrites, you’d all support Hitler as long as he possessed the “Magical (D)” after his name.
    For you it’s always been and will continue to be, party over principal. You know “My Democrat right or wrong”, “Circle the wagons boys”, “The end justifies the means”, “Whatever it takes”, Feelings not facts”, etc.-etc.
    I’m an Independent and am able to support/critize those of either party when necessary. When Clinton was president his strongest critics were Republicans. When Bush was president, his strongest critics were also Republicans!

  9. -Q

    being the #145 in democratic seniority certainly means more than being the #17 in republican seniority by virtue of the fact the rest of the city delegation is democratic and I could not forsee a scenario where the democrats will go out of their way to help a republican – quite frankly chance are the state delegation would circumvent a tea-partier repub. and probably work through a city councilor/s to help people in the district……the repub would be a tea-partier lone wolf and that is a huge disservice to the district as a whole……..

  10. -Q

    I know of candidate Franco personally and he is a great guy….
    That being said, the best candidate for the 13th worcester seat is one expirenced in business and has moderate approach to governing.
    Mahoney will only be beholden to the voters of the 13th worcester and not some national
    crack-pot tea-partier movement. Mahoney was not even endorsed by the “machine” led by mayor o’brien – proving Mahoneys independence from politics as usual
    When looking at the candidate like a Franco – he has immersed himself in the neo-concentric tea-partier movement and those views in no way shape of form represent the make-up the 13th worcester electorate……………..the voters will not be swayed by neo-cons but by the best candidate that will reflect the will of the entire district and not just those in the very small minority pushing radicalism and obstructionism……..

  11. Yup, just what Worcester County needs are bloggers in jackboots and flintlocks riling the citizenry to the threat of Irish Democrats. Just like the ole days huh – rally round boys!

    Sorta scary when locals expound the ideals of a quasi military government.

    Could lead to the revival of county militia units again after some 250 years? God knows we need them nowadays considering the influx of foreign influence on American society.

    Hey, dust off Gramps Continental uniform, set up a podium, wave a flag and bellow patriotic diatribe to a pathetic public.

    Um… ya know, maybe there’s something to it – got a thing for uniforms myself. But the flag waving thing is a bit too much.

    Maybe a military government ain’t such a bad idea after all – law & order… return to American ideals. And parades!

    A little bit of military discipline wouldn’t hurt no one.

    Hint. A WOMAG cover story on the rise of Fascism in Wusta County?

  12. MoonBat Detector

    Mahoney has a degree from Bar tending school. Just the kind of leadership we need on Bacon Hill.

    WOW lets send him to Beacon Hill to fight for us.
    Great Idea Q. NOT!

    He’ll fit right in with Vinny Boom Batz and all the other Dumocrats that have been screwing up this state for years.

    Q – You don’t know Paul Franco. What little interaction I have had with him tells me that he would NOT associate with a Moon Bat like you.

    Now go back to the fantasy world that you were in this morning on WCRN where you claimed that the tea party uses bloody alters at their meetings or some other crazy lunatic crap you were spewing.

    The tea party is made up of average Americans, not ideologues like you.

  13. -Q

    interesting previous post……….a lot of anger there…….
    the discussion this morning on 830AM Peter Blute show with Hank Stolz – “the only morning shows that matter” was about the republican tea-partier senatorial candidate from Delaware -O’Donnell that had a date and a picnic at midnight with a witch on their bloodied satanic altar – those were your fellow tea partier candidates words as video-taped and broadcast on tv and confirmed in subsequent interviews with O’Donnell…… what was that about spewing????
    don’t blame me for the stupidity of the tea-partiers/republicans like that – this is does not represent ANY “average american” I am aware of but it seems you embrace it wholeheartedly – good luck with that!
    As your post suggests you have nothing grounded in facts or faculty – just a lot of misplaced anger……..
    gee your comments sound just like another regular caller on 830am – a tea-partier – (almost verbatim) I wonder – one and the same?
    we’ll never know – cowards like you hit and run then hide behind a veil……….
    why I’ll even bet that you probably support “marty lamb chops” and his history of bankruptcy as he runs on a platform as one of fiscal conservative
    there is sure a lot of hypocrisy out here…….

  14. Funny how a lowbrow like Q believes he has something important to add to Wusta’s political dialog but stoops to name calling and pettiness. Good going dude.

    Strikes me as superbly hypocritical that Q calls an anon poster “a coward” for hiding behind “a veil”, yet uses one himself. And this nonentity is trying to establish himself as a credible voice among a city filled with political dilettantes? Go figure.

    As I recall, ain’t Q the guy who demanded a strict registration policy by the T&G; requiring the use of legal names for commenters, yet fails to take the first step on his own proposal. F-ing disingenuous eh? Why do I get the impression that folks like Q are not the brightest?

    Anyho. I for one mourn the loss of the diverse intellectual dialog on the T&G. RIP.

  15. -Q

    ‘wee willy’ making things up as he goes along?
    it is a real funny this thing called free speech – huh ‘wee willy’? apparently you believe this free speech thing only applies to yourself
    have at it fella and enjoy yourself………….
    and you better re-check your recall thinking it makes you sound like your confusing the facts and btw Q is my name and what I go by on the radio, cable tv and blogging – how about you ‘wee willy’ you seem to be calling the kettle black or is it a tea-pot????
    and it would also you appear you have nothing of value to add here but I am glad you are able to spell, type and exercise OUR free speech………
    have a great day ‘wee willy’!

  16. Radio, cable and blogging. I’m supposed to be impressed? Like daaaa dude?
    Hey what does Q stand for anyway? Quack?

    Signed, your blogging buddy,
    Wee Willy

    PS. Since we’re on a first name basis now you can call me Wee Wee.

  17. mb

    Q — Auburn, Holden, Shrewsbury, Sturbridge and the several other towns with Republican reps seem to be doing OK. Being “in” with the leadership is a double-edged sword. Yes, it means your district’s concerns might get more attention. But it also means you’re under more pressure to toe a party line rather than honestly advocating for what your district wants. In today’s Massachusetts Republican party the tail wags the dog: because there are so few of them in the legislature, it’s more likely that the party leadership will pay attention to the pet project of one of its junior members.

    Also, remember that seniority determines committee priority. There are Republicans on every committee, and so many fewer to go around that a freshman Republican has a lot better chance being assigned to a poweful committee than a freshman Democrat.

    Of course, the R leadership controls far fewer votes than the D leadership; and the D member of whatever committee he’s on will find it easier to hold the ear of the committee chairman (a fellow D) than the R committee member. There are definite handicaps, being a Republican legislator. My only point is to say that there are handicaps on the Democratic side, too.

    I’m not arguing that the Republican should be elected because he is a Republican, but I am arguing that the Democrat should not be elected simply because he is a Democrat. I think the benefits of specific party affiliations are overstated and this election should be decided on the relative merits and political beliefs of the three candidates.

  18. -Q

    you make some valid points to consider and I appreciate your ability in getting your point across in a reasonable manner to continue the discussion with respect for differing points of views

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