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Election results continued

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

Continued from last post. We’ll roll it into one tomorrow.

8:53: Guy Glodis continues to pull away here in Worcester, but we’re hearing his people aren’t happy statewide. 60ish-30ish in Boston for Bump. Delle has a surprising showing in Worcester, holding 2nd place behind Lamb with nearly 50% reporting.

9:03: Despite the early rumors, Margot still ahead in Worcester after 31/50 precincts reporting.

9:48: Mahoney gaining on Barnet in d-13, Smith moves up to 3rd with 7/10 precincts.

9:50: The question of the night: is Robert Delle the rising star of the Worcester County Republican party? He’s neck and neck with Herr for 2nd in congressional race.

9:50: Mahoney takes lead with 8/10 reporting.

9:56: Sheriff’s race is veeeeery close. Hearing reports that only 200 votes separate Foley from Bove out of 14,000, with only one more precinct left to report.

10:06: D-13 goes for Mahoney, followed by Barnet, Smith, DiBaro, Sharry, Perotto. Glodis wins Worcester city with 58% percent of the vote. Heading out to Mahoney’s victory party. See you on the interwebs tomorrow.



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Election day blogging (updated throughout the day)

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

I’ll be heading in and out during the day to polling places, city hall and victory parties with updates over turnout, stand outs and who will be left quietly weeping in the corner at the end of the night. Make sure to keep checking back here throughout the day.


We took a tour through some of the higher traffic west side polling places around lunch time, hoping that turnout would be higher there because of the high profile d-13 state rep. race.

Going into the election it wasn’t a secret that low turnout was expected (the fact that primaries generally have low turnout rates, compounded with Worcester’s generally low turnout for any election didn’t bode well), but the story is now just how low it will go, and what it means for candidates.

Out at The Willows (Ward 1, Precinct 2) poll workers reported that the day started out slow, but voters streamed in steadier around 10:30. One voter in his 70s proclaimed that he was going to vote for Mike Lake for auditor. No one was really expecting a progressive candidate like Lake to get much of the elderly/retired votes.

Temple Emanuel (ward 9, precincts 1-3) was a sadder scene in regards to turnout. Colin Novick, working the polls there, estimated voter turnout at about six percent (around 11:50) — and he wasn’t optimistic that the afternoon “rush” would give it much of a boost. “You’d at least think the relatives would be here,” he said.

At the Elm Park Tower (ward 10, pcts. 1 and 3), poll workers sounded more optimistic. One said that it was busier than they thought it would be. That’s helped by organizing group Neighbor to Neighbor, who stationed a “checker” at the polling place. Checkers report back to their candidate’s team who has and hasn’t voted, so the campaign knows who to call to get out and vote. Neighbor to Neighbor has endorsed Barnet, so she’s the one benefiting. “Neighbor to Neighbor is really bringing in a lot of first time voters,” said a woman stationed there.

Even with that enthusiasm, for the precincts at Elm Park turn out has still been low. At one, only 95 votes (out of 1,643) had been cast, while at the other only 79 (of 1515) had been submitted, as of 12:15.

Signs don’t win campaigns but people love hearing about them anyway, so here’s an update on the sign war at these three places. Smith’s signs are all over, as are DiBaro’s and Bove’s. Foley has some, and Bump has a lot of people at Emanuel, while voters have noticed a lack of Glodis signs. A number of candidates made the rounds at Emanuel today, including Foley, Bove, McGovern, Barnet, Perotto, Smith and Bump. Harriette Chandler came by as well and brought donuts and coffee for everyone stumping outside. Perotto did similarly, but only for the poll workers inside. Ron Madnick has been standing outside Emanuel passing out literature for his own independent bid for the d-13 seat.

Here’s some reading as we get more info on the ground game:

-David Bernstein of the Phoenix adds his $0.02 on Glodis, makes a quick mention of d-13, and points out some problems the GOP has at the state’s federal level.

Dan Payne of WBUR wonders if Steve Murphy (candidate for treasurer) and Glodis will bring out the same voter, and how much it costs them to not have Boston Mayor Thomas Menino on their sides.

-Lance Harris of cmasspolitics.com has fine slew of writers (some of whose bylines you have seen locally) who will fan out after polls close and report back to him.

-Red Mass Group tells you what the “Z” in Mary Z. Connaughton stands for.

(Feel free to email me more interesting articles you think I should post–jshulkin@worcestermag.com)


Back to some d-13 stuff, we’re hearing that there’s been just under 1,000 votes total for all precincts in that race, and Barnet’s got an “incredible field staff” out there, including a number of checkers. In a race like this, low turn-out favors her because the die-hards will come out for her.

Lots of people have noticed an absence of Glodis signs in Worcester, while Bump made a visit to Emanuel. She’s also got a lot of sign holders out there from places like Uxbridge, Natick and Randolph, which means Bump and Glodis have forsaken their safe territories in order to take a risk on where their competitor is strongest.

Voting is low statewide, with a second-hand quote coming from Paxton where a poll worker said she “believes Iraq had a higher turn out.”


More bad news about voter turn out: Just heard from sheriff candidate Tom Foley that his polling place, 1-5 (Price Chopper on Pullman St.), normally one of the busiest during elections, is low. He said workers there will be “pretty happy if they get up to 15%.”


A van with Scot Bove banners draped around it and two large speakers roped to its top just drove by our Water street office blaring “This Land is Your Land” by Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings. Who knows how many votes its earned today, but it certainly scores cool points.


Two interesting sightings: outgoing d-13 state rep. Bob Spellane has been spotted stumping out in Agawam and Glodis signs have been spotted in Boston’s Chinatown.


I’ve got to run out to vote and then I’ll be at city hall tonight as election results come in, so the blog will be a little quiet between now and then. But to make up for it here’s  a list of where some of today’s candidates will be partying tonight. Feel free to fill in the blanks in the comments.

D-13 State Rep:
Margot Barnet- Nancy Chang’s
Gina DiBaro- El Basha (Park Ave)
John Mahoney- Boston Billiards
Mike Perotto-
Don Sharry- Biaggio’s
Joff Smith- Loft 26

Tom Foley- Wachusett Country Club
Scot Bove- Ralph’s (Shrewsbury St.)

Guy Glodis- Perfect Game
Mike Lake-
Suzanne Bump-

3rd Congressional District:
Robert Chipman-
Robert Delle-
Brian Herr- 88C Elm St., Hopkinton
Marty Lamb- JJ’s Sports Bar, 380 Southwest Cutoff, Northboro
Michael Stopa- Applebriar Apartments clubhouse, Marlborough

Count on all these parties starting around 8:00 or 8:30.

Check out photos from throughout the day at www.worcestermag.com.

7:57: We’re camped out at city hall, waiting for election returns. Keep with us over the next hour or so for up to date results (assuming the internet doesn’t crap out here.

8:17: Early results from Auburn have Grossman topping Murphy.

8:18: Results from Paxton:
DiBaro wins 196, Mahoney 115, Barnet 93, Sharry 78, Smith 73, Perotto 63
Bove 321, Foley 271,
Grossman 314, Murphy 189,
Bump 275, Glodis 255, Lake 50

8:24: First physical ballots rolling in now…

After two precincts reporting, Foley on top of Bove, Glodis has a narrow lead on Bump, and Barnet has a large lead. Herr has a small lead on Lamb.

8:32: After three precincts, Lamb takes the lead, Glodis still has his, Barnet still on top and Foley is ahead of Bove by about 50 votes. Grossman ahead too.

8:35: Early estimates here at city hall peg Mahoney as winner of d-13 race, with Margot in second, Smith in third. But again, those numbers aren’t final.

8:38: With 18% percent precincts reporting in Worcester, Glodis leads Bump by almost 300 votes. Delle tied with Herr for second in Republican congressional race, behind Lamb.


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