This is hott

Posted by Brittany Durgin

The content on this week is hott. Here are few things you shouldn’t miss:

Sex. Featured this week is sex in Worcester. Read about Worcester’s sex scene, and find photos that were shot of a model to illustrate sex in the city.

HotRead our review of the Canal District’s new hot and spicy restaurant.

Tempting. Our staff tells the most tempting events happening in Worcester this week.

Heated. Naked, a middle finger, and candlelight. Read about the event happening in Worcester that is sure to get you heated.



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3 responses to “This is hott

  1. For whatever reason, I’m not able to view the full article when I click on your first link. Anyway, I want to put in my two cents about the subject. First off, I want to say that I wish the WPD would plant an unmarked car near the businesses on Claremont Street – facing down toward Main South. I’m sick and tired of having to walk so far away from the perimeter of my own neighborhood just to feel safe. For example, if I wanted to stay at a city council meeting past 8:45 (last bus home), I would have to walk north to Highland (or at least Elm) all the way up to Park Ave., then down to Charlotte where the street lights are nice and bright, and up to Woodland (thank goodness for all those night owl college students walking around there). But then, as soon as I turn onto Claremont, I start to feel very scared – it seems like a whole different universe from the adjacent streets behind it. And being a natural night owl who can no longer afford a car, I’m tired of having to try to run home before the creepy crawlers start coming out looking for their drug customers and hookers. I had hoped that being older, dressing down, and always carrying bags with me like a bag lady – would protect me. But it doesn’t always work; sometimes they still bother me. So my only option is to always try to get home before they come out. It’s too bad, because Claremont is a pretty street during the daytime. I feel so safe walking everywhere else in the city at night except for the Main South neighborhood. I’ve just got to find a steady job on the bus line, so I can move to a better neighborhood in a heartbeat if I weren’t so broke.

  2. Oops – Nothing like proofreading before hitting submit… That’s what happens when you’re using a library computer and you see that your time’s almost up and it’s about to shut down in a few seconds.

  3. This is Hott? No it’s not!

    Daisy. Seems like you’re the cause of your perceived problem.

    My advice. Either get a bike. Roller-skates. Skateboard. Carry a baseball bat. Ask a friend for a lift. Call a taxi. Or just stay home.

    That was easy huh?

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