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Womag on Tap, today @ Vincent’s

Just a friendly reminder that we’ll be hosting the September Worcester Mag on Tap at Vincent’s tonight from 5:30 to 7ish. Stop by, we’ll be out on the back patio/in the backyard playing lawn games. Weather.com says there will only be a 10% chance of rain, so don’t use that as your excuse.


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This is hott

Posted by Brittany Durgin

The content on worcestermag.com this week is hott. Here are few things you shouldn’t miss:

Sex. Featured this week is sex in Worcester. Read about Worcester’s sex scene, and find photos that were shot of a model to illustrate sex in the city.

HotRead our review of the Canal District’s new hot and spicy restaurant.

Tempting. Our staff tells the most tempting events happening in Worcester this week.

Heated. Naked, a middle finger, and candlelight. Read about the event happening in Worcester that is sure to get you heated.


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“Silly season” in local politics

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

It’s a term we’ve heard the president say often: “silly season,” in regards to inexplicable attacks and questionable decision-making. As there’s less than a week before the state, county and local primaries, we’re getting our own dose of it. (Of course, the rebuttal would be that silly season never ends in politics.)

Let’s start with auditor candidate Guy Glodis. In today’s print Worcesteria we comment on the idea that Democrats are now equating unions with “special interests” and thought that Glodis might take exception to that: he has over 30 union endorsements on his website for just this race alone.

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