McGovern officially announces re-election bid

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

We were all shocked — shocked, I tell you — to hear that US Rep. Jim McGovern officially announced today that he’s running for re-election.

But in all seriousness, he’s formally announced with a brand new YouTube clip. (It looks like it’s just for the internet, as it’s too long to run in a TV spot.) It features an appearance by former state rep. Kevin O’Sullivan (who once ran for this same congressional seat) and Don Brown, the CEO of a Hopkinton company called Ateriocyte. Is this a subtle little jab at one of his Republican opponents, Brian Herr, who hails from there? I’m not saying…I’m just asking the question.

Video after the jump:


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One response to “McGovern officially announces re-election bid

  1. Ho hum…
    Is it true that McGovern wants to adopt Mayor Joe?

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