Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

If political debates are your thing, then today you should feel like a glutton at Old Country Buffet. You’ve got enough food to stuff yourself silly. Take a breather-break, and then go back in for more. Another plate of chocolate pudding? Go for it.

Here’s today’s debate schedule:

3:00 on 980 am WCAP:
The Lowell radio station hosts Guy Glodis, Mike Lake and Suzanne Bump to debate state auditor things. Expect Bump and Lake to go after Glodis’ recent campaign finance bungles. You might be able to hear it, but we’re in that station’s “fringe” range.

7:00 on WBZ TV and radio:
Governor’s debate featuring a rare treat: all four candidates. The last time the four debated, Republican Charlie Baker and Green party candidate Jill Stein high-fived after Stein announced she drives a Prius. Is this the beginning of a new political alliance? Find out tonight.

7:00 not broadcast:
The five Republicans eyeing the congressional seat held by Jim McGovern go at it once more before next Tuesday’s primary, this time from the Westborough Double Tree hotel. What to watch: Marty Lamb and Brian Herr have toned down the Obama and Muslim rhetoric as their opponents have stepped theirs up.


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