Required reading

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

Boston has been all up on Worcester politics over the past couple days, probably because our politicians are a lot more interesting than those in our capitol city.

David Bernstein of the Boston Phoenix (who I link to more than anyone else) wrote a lengthy article about the rise of Central Massachusetts politicians and how Tim Murray, Jim McGovern, Karyn Polito and Guy Glodis have made Worcester the upcoming “political epicenter of the state.”

Bernstein also caught wind of this Glodis mailing:

Catch the typo up top?

And lastly, the Globe reveals that Murray and Glodis have joined gubernatorial candidate Tim Cahill in the tax payer doghouse.

See? Way more interesting than Tom Menino.


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One response to “Required reading

  1. Now imagine if WOMAG did a piece like that?
    They might win credibility among the locals who are sick and tired of the naive feelgood nonsense they publish.
    But hey that’s WOMAG… you get what you pay for.

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