District 13 debate tomorrow night

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

Don’t make plans for tomorrow night, or if you’ve already made ’em, change ’em.

The six democrats vying to be the district 13 state rep. will face off for one last time before the Sept. 13 primary. The debate will be at The Willows on 101 Barry Road, starting at 6:30. Just like last time, WCRN/Charter TV’s Hank Stolz will moderate, while T&G columnist Dianne Williamson, WCRN talk show host and Worcester Mag columnist Gary Rosen, and Paxton Housing Partnership chair Martha Akstin will all serve as panelists. There’s definitely no clear front runner, and unofficial/anecdotal evidence we’re hearing show many voters in the district still don’t know who they’re going to support.

Will Gina DiBaro and Mike Perotto go toe-to-toe again? Will Margot Barnet come out against another platform her backers support? Will John Mahoney explain his pro baby, pro people and pro animal views? Does Joff Smith know who Don Sharry is? Find out tomorrow night.



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2 responses to “District 13 debate tomorrow night

  1. The real question is does Joff Smith know anything?
    And folks wonder why we’re in the mess we are.

    Oh, and Dianne Williamson?
    That’s a joke right?

  2. -Q

    some more questions:
    1. why has smith decided to walk out on the voters that elected him to represent the in District 1 1 year before his 2 year term expires?
    sounds like a sarah palin move – walk out on the promise to serve the people if elected…..shame on smith!
    2. will smith and perotto explain to the 13th district voters how both of them balanced a city budget on the backs of the most vulnerable among us – the retirees and senior citizens when they voted to kick them off their hard earned healthcare insurance and forced them into inferior hc plans?
    3. Has Sharry finally found out what an “earmark” means? first order of business when running for public office is to “actually” know whats going on.
    4. Both perotto/smith have continually raised property taxes on both businesses and homeowners repeatedly – except when politically conveinent – smith this year saw the light and voted against raising taxes – SELF SERVING? YOU BET!
    5. Barnet being endorsed by current mayor o’brien who is flip-flopping on voting for the lowest residential tax rate after promising to vote FOR the lowest tax rate if elected……this alone speaks volumns of an entrenched democratic operative out for themselves and not the people they are supposed to represent….where does Barnet stand on Flip-Flopper Joe?
    6. Has perotto finally figured out where NH is?
    does he truly understand they DO have roads and schools?
    7. Where did Dibaro come from and what does she actually stand for? in the last debate there was a lot of hot air but nothing of substance – the 13th worc.voters deserve much better than the platitudes being hurled around……

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