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The Daily Beast has ranked Worcester #9 on its list of 20 “recession-proof” cities, based on increases in employment numbers, personal income and GDP between 2007 and 2009.

Hey, that’s some nice, good news. But part of me thinks if a Daily Beast staffer were to walk around downtown sharing this, they’d get an earful back.



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3 responses to “Recession-proof?

  1. Yes, I looked at the list on Daily Beast the other day and it amazed me… I just got a job a month ago – selling liquor at a friend’s package store for $8/hour. I get less money now than I did as an AmeriCorps*VISTA, which my year of service ended in July. My boyfriend and I are on state/city assistance to help with living costs. I’m sure my story is not out-of-the-ordinary. Why can’t I find a decent office job (especially at a non-profit) with a Bachelor’s degree and 1 year experience?

  2. jpm01609

    Yes, folks, Worcester IS very recession-proof, but the signs aren’t always that obvious when you look around City Hall or wait in traffic only to be accosted by yet another “Homeless” sign.

    a) The medical industrial complex churning within (Umass, biotech, WPI, MassPharm) don’t envelop the downtown dwellers.

    b) A large part of Worcester still believes that oldstyle manufacturing is going to be the way to go/grow this city forward. And a certain segment (i.e Holy Cross Prof David O’Brien) wants to re-establish unionism/groupthink back as well. They forget that this City and this region established itself in the 1700s and 1800s as a region of creativity, entrepreneurialism and invention. The blandness of O’Brien’s approach would forces everyone to eat the same food, wear the same clothes(Mao jackets perhaps?) and accept the same group-thunk choices.

    c) Worcester proximity to Boston and Providence is attractive as is cheap housing, good schools and low urban crime (BTW–more kudos for the low crime rate go to the excellent social service agencies here, instead of the high salaried police unions)

    d) The young and the affluent will come to downtown once the infrastructure and housing is in place there. One of the ways this can start is to dissolve the town-gown diviseness that certain politicians use for short-term gains.

  3. That disproves Mayor Joe’s and his redfaced lying cronies contention that Wusta is dead or either dying, economically speaking.

    The only reason businesses fail here or move out is cause they’re incompetently managed – its easier to blame the economy that ones’ incompetence. Maybe those losers should have gotten their degrees at a local college instead of online.

    Gee, and why can’t Hannah find one of them “Adjusted per capita personal income” jobs that pays $40,734?

    Why whine Hanna? At least you have a job.

    If you WOMAG clowns love this town and its people so much, then do something charitable – hire Hanna.

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