We need to encourage growth

Posted by Brittany Durgin

The majority of Worcester Mag online users voted that the city should NOT continue charging businesses with a higher tax rate than homeowners, that we should be encouraging growth instead of punishing them for it. Full poll statistics below:

Should Worcester businesses have higher taxes than homeowners?

Absolutely! 36%
No, we need to encourage growth, not punish it 45%
No, businesses and homeowners should be taxed equally 14%
I’m indifferent to the matter 5%

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2 responses to “We need to encourage growth

  1. I voted 33 times. Neat huh?
    Apparently you guys don’t know the meaning of credibility. This stuff sorta reminds me of the WRRB reports.
    Stick to what you guys know.
    Whatever that may be.

  2. -Q

    seems like the “mayors task force on business growth” were a lot more busy than just shifting the tax rate burden onto those that can least afford it, increasing municipal spending at homeowners expense and giving non-profits a free pass in paying for city taxpayer provided services – it also seems they were very busy voting in the womag poll to add credence to their faulty conclusions as outlined in the BIASED report…

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