Haller endorses Mahoney for d-13

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

Based on a couple of black and white 8.5″ x 11″ pieces of paper appearing in mailboxes, district 4 city councilor Barbara Haller has endorsed district 13 state representative hopeful John Mahoney. Saying he “is all things Worcester,” she credits his previous try for the seat two years ago:

John Mahoney showed me what he stands for two years ago. JOHN MAHONEY was the only person to come forward after we learned — shortly before the 2008 State elections — that the present representative was accused of serious ethical violations of his duty. John knew he was likely to lose the 2008 last-minute write-in campaign, but he also knew someone had to stand up for honesty and real public service.

And, just so everyone’s clear about these sort of things, the flyer adds:

JOHN MAHONEY likes people, babies, and animals. JOHN MAHONEY also likes hard work, public service, and attention to detail.



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3 responses to “Haller endorses Mahoney for d-13

  1. It doesn’t quite have the poetry of William Bee‘s loves:
    tape measures, bugs bunny,
    1978, english money
    umbrellas, princess anne,
    helicopters, and tiptree jam

  2. This is a hoot.
    Haller endorsing someone… that means he’s exactly the guy I ain’t voting for.
    Oh, if he’s “all things Wusta”, a scary thought, then I really don’t want him around.
    City & county needs fresh blood and folks willing to challenge the status quo.

  3. Prometheus

    Barbara Haller does not even live in the 13th District.
    Bruce Card’s Endorsement of Paul Franco carries more weight with me.

    What voters can Haller influence?

    FF union endorsing him does not carry a lot of weight either. Many firefighters can not vote for him as they live outside of Worcester.

    See all the FF holding signs for Mahoney. Most of them that is all they can do. And they are doing that because the union told them to.

    They (city hall) are holding off until after the primary on Mahoney issues…

    Wait until after. It won’t have any significance if he looses, but if he wins…

    Ciao Baby

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