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We need to encourage growth

Posted by Brittany Durgin

The majority of Worcester Mag online users voted that the city should NOT continue charging businesses with a higher tax rate than homeowners, that we should be encouraging growth instead of punishing them for it. Full poll statistics below:

Should Worcester businesses have higher taxes than homeowners?

Absolutely! 36%
No, we need to encourage growth, not punish it 45%
No, businesses and homeowners should be taxed equally 14%
I’m indifferent to the matter 5%

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Haller endorses Mahoney for d-13

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

Based on a couple of black and white 8.5″ x 11″ pieces of paper appearing in mailboxes, district 4 city councilor Barbara Haller has endorsed district 13 state representative hopeful John Mahoney. Saying he “is all things Worcester,” she credits his previous try for the seat two years ago:

John Mahoney showed me what he stands for two years ago. JOHN MAHONEY was the only person to come forward after we learned — shortly before the 2008 State elections — that the present representative was accused of serious ethical violations of his duty. John knew he was likely to lose the 2008 last-minute write-in campaign, but he also knew someone had to stand up for honesty and real public service.

And, just so everyone’s clear about these sort of things, the flyer adds:

JOHN MAHONEY likes people, babies, and animals. JOHN MAHONEY also likes hard work, public service, and attention to detail.


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