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Can’t find on newsstands

Posted by Brittany Durgin

Another update from the online desk.

You have to hear this – Woo Town Sounds currently features Neptune’s Car, a duo local to Worcester. Their folk/alternative country music is something that will make you stop, and really listen. Then, you’ll probably find yourself on their website looking for upcoming shows. FYI: They’ll be at stART on the Street next month. Find out more about Neptune’s Car and hear their music here.

Kaz Gamble debuts directing career in Worcester – Local film maker and music producer Kaz Gamble has released a music video for the song “I’m Nice” by Brendon Boyd. The video is being called Kaz’s debut as a director, and wisely or not, he shot the entire video here in Worcester. See Bell Pond, the Auditorium, and CSX trains make their appearance in the video, here.

The work behind the SAORI exhibit – SAORI banners can be seen hanging from the red bridge in Elm Park through Sunday. Watch a video of the work volunteers did to install the exhibit here, and look through a photo gallery of images from the morning the banners were hung here.

Our hott picks – From now on two Worcester Mag staffers will tell you what we think are hott events happening in the area. Find what Editor Doreen Manning and Online Editor Brittany Durgin think are events not to be missed here.

Basketball and baseball – Photo galleries accompany two stories, one on the Pay it Forward basketball league, and the other featuring the Worcester Tornadoes baseball team.

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A better way to curb graffiti?

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

Today’s Telegram has a story about Ron Brown, the city’s employed graffiti remover.

When he finds a tag on a wall, a sign or even a guardrail, he pulls over, cites the location, takes out the necessary materials and removes the blemish. Even for a minuscule tag on the back of a stop sign at Harlem Street and Perry Avenue, Mr. Brown pulled to the side of the road, got out of the truck and scrubbed it off.

Morale doesn’t seem to be too high, however.

He said he sometimes feels like it’s a losing battle. Whenever they tag, he paints, and so the cycle goes. He may go through four, five or six colors of paint a day, but it never seems to match the original.

Maybe it’s time to revisit an old strategy.

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