Register to vote today

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

Tomorrow is the actual last day to register to vote in the Sept. 14 primaries, but if you’re like me and think to yourself “I’ll do it tomorrow,” then you won’t do it. So do it today.

Get yourself down to city hall (or, if not in Worcester, your town hall) and talk to the Clerk or elections division.

Massachusetts has what’s called a “modified closed primary,” which means if you’ve registered or are about to register as a Democrat then you can only vote on the Democratic primary ticket. Same goes for registered/soon-to-be registered Republicans. If you’re registered/about to register as unenrolled, then you get to choose which ballot you want to submit that day (without changing your independent affiliation), so you have no excuses.

Who you can vote for (locally) after the jump:


State Auditor
-Suzanne Bump
-Guy Glodis
-Mike Lake

State Treasurer
-Steven Grossman
-Stephen Murphy

District 13 State Rep. (pcts. 1,2,3,4 of ward 1, all of ward 9 and pct. 3 of ward 10)
-Margot Barnet
-Gina DiBaro
-John Mahoney
-Mike Perotto
-Donald Sharry
-Joffrey Smith

Worcester County Sheriff
-Scot Bove
-Thomas Foley


State Auditor
-Mary Connaughton
-Kamal Jain

3rd Congressional race
-Robert Chipman
-Robert Delle
-Brian Herr
-Marty Lamb
-Michael Stopa


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