The best gimmick to come out of the 3rd district congressional race

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

The primary is still three weeks away for the Republican nomination in the 3rd congressional race, but it’s not too early to call a winner in the gimmick battle.

Congratulations, Marty Lamb, your congressional barf bag has successfully married politics, humor, vulgarity and timeliness, putting your campaign above all others in the race for best gimmick this year.*

Photo from jimfarrellxx

*Unless another campaign pulls out all the stops between now and November.



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14 responses to “The best gimmick to come out of the 3rd district congressional race

  1. Oh no a positive Marty Lamb article. I wonder how long it will be before Mike Stopa’s army of flying monkeys show up to trash a fellow Republican candidate.

    If they show up ask them where’s Stopa’s FEC reports are and how much they think the fines will be.

  2. Desiree

    Excellent, love the barf bag ! It’s so true. We are all fed up and sick of it all !

  3. Craig

    What a Great idea! When Juan Williams shows up on My television, Or if McGovern ever comes out of hiding. Marty I think I’m a case of these this election when the Liberals start spewing their progressivism

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  5. robichaud ploy

    This idea isn’t funny, its a cheesey ploy from the most hated republican “strategist” holly robichaud. She’s a joke and so is every republican here in this primary.

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  9. I think it’s great! Finally, something useful comes out of the third district! Good bye Mr. McGovern ….. would you like one or two barf bags!

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  11. David Dussault

    At least the bag is getting some positive feedback. More important, it has hit many left-wing blogs. That means it’s been effective! If they hate it, it’s got to be good!

  12. Prometheus

    I once heard the Brilliant Holly Robichaud say “If I am not bothering democrats (liberals) then I am not having a good day”.

    Keep up the good work Marty.
    Marty Lamb the only man with plans.

    McGovern’s folks called my house last night.
    I told them “I have a barf bag”.
    The lady said “You do?”
    “Yes I do and tell Jim to have a town hall if he wants me to even consider him.”
    “I will, I will tell him that.”

    Holly, they hate you. You know what that means. You are doing a good job! And you are having a good day!


  13. Prometheus

    You can hear Holly Robichaud every Monday morning at 7:36am on the Jim Polito show on WTAG AM580, FM94.9 streaming at or on I ❤ Radio

  14. DistantThunder

    And more fun info on Marty

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